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Concept Car Of The Day: 2007 Citroen Cruise Crosser

May 20, 2024

Citroën alluded to its past with the Cruise Crosser, which was developed by the Espera Sbarro School in partnership with Citroën Styling. A special version of the C-Crosser, the Cruise Crosser was an all-terrain vehicle designed for authentic off-road journeys. Equipped with three axles and six wheels, the vehicle was reminiscent of the very first half-track vehicles, providing traction in the harshest driving conditions such as snow, sand, and mud.

Citroën showcased its expertise in all-terrain vehicles with the Cruise Crosser, highlighting its roots in producing innovative and capable off-road vehicles. The third axle was utilized alongside the other drive wheels when additional traction was needed in challenging terrain.

Despite its rugged capabilities, the Cruise Crosser was also designed with environmental considerations in mind. In line with Citroën's commitment to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, the vehicle was a hybrid model that combined a diesel combustion engine with an electric motor located under the tipper bed.

The Cruise Crosser made a stunning appearance at the Geneva event, where it was displayed on the Espera Sbarro stand in Hall 2, showcasing its unique design and advanced technology. Citroën's dedication to both performance and sustainability was evident in this innovative and environmentally conscious off-road vehicle. Source: Citroën

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