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Concept Car Of The Day: 1998 Ford Teksport Windstar

Jul 06, 2024

Ford introduced the TekSport Windstar concept in 1999, challenging the traditional idea of what a minivan could be. This new concept aimed to transform the family hauler into a sporty shuttle for the future.

The TekSport Windstar was based on the 1999 Ford Windstar, but was completely redesigned to give it a more aggressive and modern look. The aerodynamic profile and wide stance gave it a sporty appearance, while the front and rear fascias, modified grille, and unique body-side cladding added to its bold design.

One of the most striking features of the TekSport Windstar was the addition of a SkyView bubble roof section with wrap-over windows. The gold metallic clearcoat paint with silver lower body accents further highlighted the vehicle's unique design.

Underneath the aesthetics, the TekSport Windstar had a lowered suspension and was equipped with plus-2 wheel and tire conversion for improved handling. The P235/50R18 Michelin MXX3 Pilot performance radial tires were mounted on 18- by 7-inch Enkei Zoku alloy wheels.

Inside, the technology in the TekSport Windstar truly set it apart. Ford partnered with Visteon to create a next-generation interior with premium audio system, entertainment system, modular headliner console, and innovative lighting features. The reference level premium audio system had dual sound personal audio outputs driving infrared headphones, while the entertainment system included a removable portable DVD player and several 6.4-inch LCD displays.

Visteon's state-of-the-art interior and exterior lighting added a touch of elegance to the TekSport Windstar, while the metallic trim panels from various manufacturers enhanced the interior design.

In conclusion, the TekSport Windstar was a glimpse into the future of family shuttles, with its sporty design and cutting-edge technology. Ford's collaboration with Visteon had resulted in a concept that truly pushed the boundaries of what a minivan could be.

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