Style cannot be a pure intellectual vision alone; it must be backed up by concrete data and a thorough analysis of the requirements and constraints of today's technology.

Today's car in itself is very complex because it combines several different technologies, is a symbol of prestige, a work tool and an extension of the persnality.

At present, automobile styles are undergoing a complete transformation. The designer must firstly be a technician capable of mastering these different aspects. But he must also perfectly integrate style into the technical design as a whole to fully meet market requirements. Today's style of living is no longer in keeping with the automobile of yesterday. Car basics must be redefined to achieve greater comfort and spaciousness inside and more fluid streamlining outside.

The future belongs to those prepared to risk these developments because the public is ready for the change and a basically new outlook.

Antoine Volanis was born in Salonika in Greece in 1948. On completing his technical studies, he spent a year training with Renault. It was there that he discovered the reality of industrial design and made his initial progress in the field of the automobile. He worked in a bodywork design department for two and a half years. At the beginning of 1971, he started work at Matra. where he remained until 1980 in the capacity of style engineer and participated in several products currently on the market. The foundations of his profession were acquired on the job, working with the actual materials and sharing his experience with others.

In November 1980, Anloine Volanis set up his own automobile design bureau. After three years of working with various European manufacturers, Antoine Volanis is presenting a new automobile concept.

The structure of fhc Volanis Design Bureau enables it to remain close to the basics. It is the focal point of a continual dialogue with the technicians working for its manufacturer clients, the clients themselves and designers of new products, accessories and equipment. The bureau's team spirit, dialogue and flexible working methods mean that An-toine Volanis is perfectly in control of every stage of each project. An additional asset is the rapidity with which he can take over a project and produce models and prototypes. In making his models, Antoine Volanis prefers using plaster which gives greater flexibility when working out a design, touching it up and developing its lines.

source: Volanis


Length: 3940 mm

Width: 1750 mm

Height: 1500 mm