The Abarth Monotipo 98 has been developed specifically for the 67th International Car Exhibition in Turin. Its objective is to attract the manufactures to the complete range of work and experience Stola Group can offer. Considering that the show is biennial we celebrate eight months in advance our eightieth anniversary; in fact, the first Stola model shop was founded in 1919.

Stola Group is one together with nine businesses, whose work revolves around automotive industry. This work ranges from engineering to production, including models, prototypes, dies, moulding, welding technology, and body assembling. In all activities, we exclude style; it’s our precise decision with which we prefer to be absolutely neutral for our clients who trust in our working methods.

As in 1996 we presented the show-car Dedica, this year we present a coupe that has got an even sportier character. As Stola does no styling, our friend Aldo Brovarone designed, once again for pure enjoyment, the Abarth Monotipo 98 concept. We are forever in his debt for the unbelievable help, energy, generosity and experience that he always gives.

The difference: the “Dedica” was a demonstration of our hand-crafting abilities while working with sheet metal. The Abarth Monotipo 98 is a demonstration of our knowledge dealing with composite materials. Let it not be forgotten that a sector of our Group works for the aeronautic industry and supplies both machinery and small parts for production purposes.

We want to emphasise what a great honour it is to be allowed to use the Abarth’s trademark and by mere chance this year falls Carlo Abarth ninetieth birthday.

A look at why Stola Group constructed this concept-car

Above all, our motivation for building this Abarth prototype is the great passion for automobiles, but this alone is not enough, to achieve a goal of this nature, one must have several business motivations in the industrial sense. As a matter of fact the Group’s nine partners work exclusively for the development of new automobiles. The Abarth Monotipo 98’s main objective is to make aware the Groups abilities and to create an image that reflects the technical knowledge of the various firms. At the International Car Exhibition, we believe there is no better way to accomplish this than to present a true example of standard quality. Among its range of activities, Stola s.p.a.’s main task is to construct prototypes for its customers. The Abarth Monotipo 98 is considered a complete package of experience and know-how with the help of innovative technical and organisational research that will be at the complete disposal to future purchasers. This concept-car was not designed to go into production or to be a style paragon, but is a mean of displaying the Group’s technical abilities.

Technical Characteristics

Engine: 4 cylinders turbo charged, 2 litres 16 valves 330 HP at 6500 rpm

Transmission: Front wheel drive, 5 speed with viscodrive differential

Wheels: Tires-Good Year Eagle F1 265/35x18”, Rims-Light alloy by OZ Racing 10x18”


Front: Mac Pherson- wishbone suspension with helical spring, Gas shock absorber double action external charge device

Rear: Mac Pherson-wishbone with double Triangle and double action gas shock absorber with external charge device


Length: 4450 mm

Width: 1880 mm

Height: 1200 mm

Wheel Base: 2295 mm

Track front: 1516 mm

Track rear: 1582 mm

Weight: 880 kg

Speed: max 290 km/h

Acceleration: 0-100 km/h 4.9

Brakes: Brembo 4 pistons aluminium callipers and ventiliated discs 355x32 mm front 355x32 mm rear

Interior: Momo Corse

Glass: Isoclima polycarbonate Aerospace

Body: Epoxy resin LY5138 from Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Paint: AG Glasurit Live Abarth Red

Text: based on original Stola press release