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Concept Car Of The Day: 2004 Honda SUT Concept

Jun 07, 2024

The Honda SUT Concept made its world debut at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, setting the direction for a new Honda sport-utility truck. American Honda announced plans for the launch of an all-new model to be introduced in 2005. Based on Honda's Global Light Truck Platform, the truck was produced by Honda Canada Manufacturing in Alliston, Ontario.

The SUT Concept was a next-generation truck concept that combined a spacious SUV-style interior with a pickup-style cargo bed. It emphasized Honda's refined styling, superior ergonomics, innovative design, and world-class build quality. This innovative approach offered superior packaging efficiency, ride comfort, and handling dynamics compared to traditional truck-based vehicles.

Envisioned as a next-generation truck with a reinforced unibody chassis, the SUT Concept featured a refined and spacious cabin with seating for five adults and a five-foot long cargo bed. It was designed for active young fathers who had a blend of family responsibilities and weekend activities, representing a practical, rugged, and functional vehicle.

The SUT Concept had a billet machined aluminum design theme that conveyed strength, agility, and a modern appearance. Design details included a four-paneled skylight roof, integrated lights and speakers in the cargo bed, seats with a roll bar appearance, and storage bins made with climbing rope.

Powered by a high-performance, high-torque VTEC V-6 engine and an advanced four-wheel-drive system, the SUT Concept offered outstanding handling performance, towing capabilities, and off-road capabilities. It also prioritized safety with features such as side curtain airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, front-side airbags with OPDS, and four-wheel anti-lock brakes.

Overall, the Honda SUT Concept was a glimpse into the future of truck design with its innovative approach, stylish appearance, and practical functionality. It represented Honda's commitment to creating vehicles that were both enjoyable to drive and environmentally responsible, setting a new standard for the light truck segment.

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