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Concept Car Of The Day: 2000 Holden Sandman Panel Van

Apr 22, 2024

The Sydney International Motor Show in November 2000 was the stage for Holden to unveil a stunning design concept that paid tribute to the iconic Sandman Panel Van of the seventies. A collaboration with Australian surf and streetwear company Mambo resulted in the creation of the one-off special Holden Sandman, based on the VU Holden Ute.

The Sandman boasted a unique "Bushfire" custom paint finish in a vibrant combination of red, orange, and tangerine. Updated Mambo versions of the traditional panel van mural adorned the sides, depicting Australian "beach and bush goddess" themes. The interior was equally extravagant, with a plush chill-out zone featuring freeform seating and a surround sound mobile theatre system.

The concept began as a doodle by young designer Andrew Smith in 1997 and was brought to life with the collaboration with Mambo. Holden's Executive In Charge of Design, Michael Simcoe, described the project as a lighthearted look at the past and at the company itself. The Sandman was an opportunity for two Australian legends to come together and have fun, resulting in a truly amazing design.

Mambo's Creative Director, Dare Jennings, expressed the company's excitement at being a part of the project, stating that the Sandman represented an important era in Australian motoring and cultural history. The sentimental attachment to the classic Sandman was evident among the Mambo team, with some staff members having owned one or even been conceived in one.

The Holden Sandman concept was a vision of a recreational vehicle that could potentially become a practical, road-going version in the future. The collaboration between Holden and Mambo brought together two talented design teams with different approaches, resulting in a project that was as fun as it was creative.

The Sandman was powered by a V8 engine with a capacity of 5700 cc, adding to its impressive performance. The project was a success, showcasing the unique design and collaborative spirit of Holden and Mambo.

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