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Concept Car Of The Day: 1998 Mercury Cougar S Concept

Jun 08, 2024

In November 1999, Ford Motor Company made an exciting announcement at the Las Vegas Auto Show. After the incredible response to the Mercury Cougar Eliminator and Cougar S concept cars at the 1998 SEMA and Los Angeles Auto Shows, Ford decided to build a limited-production, high-performance 200-horsepower street-legal Mercury Cougar S for the 2000 model year. This new model combined a sporty, performance-enhanced 2.5-liter V6 engine with a unique suspension to optimize agile handling, making it exceptionally responsive and rewarding to drive.

Bob Rewey, Group Vice President for Ford Motor Company Marketing and Sales, expressed excitement about the new Cougar S, stating that the inherent capabilities of the chassis and New Edge design of the Mercury Cougar made it the perfect choice for a performance derivative to attract serious driving enthusiasts. The power output of the V6 Duratec engine was increased from 170 to 200 horsepower, with upgrades to cylinder heads, camshafts, intake manifolds, and the exhaust system to develop extra power and torque. The suspension was also comprehensively retuned to deliver outstanding handling, with measures such as a larger rear stabilizer bar and improved balance across all suspension elements.

The interior of the Mercury Cougar S featured sporty details like blue background instruments, supportive leather-covered seats with an embroidered "Cougar S" logo, and a driver's seat with six-way power adjustment. The car was available in black, red, and silver exterior colors.

In December 1998, Mercury unveiled the Cougar S concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show, designed to enhance the production Cougar's aggressive driving dynamics and styling. This concept aimed to appeal to young hot rodders and car enthusiasts by offering a more powerful and performance-oriented version of the popular Cougar model. With a 215-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 Duratec engine, modified intake and exhaust systems, and all-wheel-drive technology, the Cougar S concept promised an exhilarating driving experience.

Ford's Advanced Design Team and Special Vehicle Engineering developed the Cougar S concept to match the production model's agility, power, and personality. Other features of the concept included larger Brembo brakes, a wider track for improved handling, and a unique aerodynamic package for optimal performance. Inside, the concept car boasted Recaro racing seats, alloy ped...

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