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Concept Car Of The Day: 1983 Volanis Helios

Jul 07, 2024

Antoine Volanis, a visionary in the realm of automobile design, was born in Salonika, Greece, in 1948. After completing his technical studies, Volanis embarked on a pivotal journey with Renault, where he spent a year immersing himself in the reality of industrial design. This period marked his initial steps into the automobile industry, particularly in the bodywork design department, where he honed his skills over two and a half years.

At the dawn of 1971, Volanis joined Matra as a style engineer, a role he diligently performed until 1980. During his tenure at Matra, he participated in the creation of several products that have since made their mark on the market. His expertise grew not only from academic knowledge but also from hands-on experience with materials and collaborative efforts with his peers. This practical approach laid a solid foundation for his professional prowess.

In November 1980, Antoine Volanis took a bold step by establishing his own automobile design bureau. Over the next three years, he worked with various European manufacturers, culminating in the presentation of an innovative automobile concept.

The Volanis Design Bureau thrived on maintaining close connections with its clients, technicians, and designers of new products and accessories. The bureau’s emphasis on team spirit, open dialogue, and flexible working methods enabled Volanis to oversee every stage of each project meticulously. His ability to swiftly take over projects and produce models and prototypes became a distinct advantage. Volanis preferred using plaster in his model-making process due to its flexibility, allowing for easier adjustments and development of design lines.

In a significant leap forward, the bureau unveiled the five-door MONOCORPS, also known as the MONOBODY, at the International Car Show in Geneva. This innovative vehicle measured 3.94 meters in length, 1.75 meters in width, and 1.5 meters in height, boasting an impressive aerodynamic coefficient of 0.22.

Volanis envisioned the future of automobiles as a domain ripe for transformation. He anticipated a profound shift in both the external design and internal ergonomics of vehicles. The automobile of the future, according to Volanis, would be more comfortable, versatile, and possess an extended life expectancy. The MONOCORPS project exemplified this forward-thinking approach. Designed to offer the interior volume of a larger car within the footprint of a medium-sized sedan, it reflected a meticulous analysis of design, technical, anatomical, and sociological considerations.

Innovative structural principles were integral to the design of the MONOCORPS. Features such as windows positioned outside the car body to enhance aerodynamics, novel fillisters and doors that concealed the windscreen, and advanced window winder mechanisms were part of its groundbreaking design. Additional elements included strategically placed headlights, rear lights, and side reflectors, improved passenger seat accessibility, and an optimized loading threshold.

The MONOCORPS by Antoine Volanis represented a fusion of style and technical expertise, a testament to his commitment to shaping the future of automobiles. This pioneering model underscored Volanis's legacy as a trailblazer in automobile design, blending innovation with practicality to envision the cars of tomorrow.

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