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Concept Car Of The Day: 1961 Ford Gyron

May 16, 2024

The Gyron, a delta-shaped vehicle envisioning two running wheels instead of the usual four, made its public debut on April 1 at the International Automobile Show in New York. Developed by Ford Motor Company advanced stylists, the car's unique shape and two-wheel concept caught the attention of many.

George W. Walker, Ford vice president and director of styling, described the Gyron as an outstanding example of visionary automotive styling. He believed that the combination of a delta shape and gyroscopic stabilization could revolutionize the industry by offering stability without the typical four-wheel design.

Measuring 209 inches long, 44.85 inches high, and 86 inches wide, the Gyron had a road clearance of 6.5 inches. While the car was not operable in its initial form, Ford stylists envisioned stabilizing it with a two-foot gyro. The presence of a gyro would also allow the car to be banked into turns, offering better suspension forces, drag coefficient, and reduced interference underneath.

The Gyron's exterior featured an extremely low silhouette with a plastic canopy covering the passenger compartment, hinting at potential new power sources like fuel cells. Inside, the car accommodated two people in contoured seats with a console separating them. The steering wheel was replaced by a steering dial and individual accelerator and brake pads, allowing steering from either seat.

The console also included a ten-button panel to control a built-in computer, enabling a motorist to program a journey on a non-stop expressway. A cordless telephone mounted on the console allowed communication with individuals both inside and outside the car.

Although the Gyron was not a practical production vehicle due to its cost, Walker and his team saw it as an opportunity to speculate on the innovations that could arise from experimenting with its unique shape. The Gyron showcased the potential for future advancements in automotive design and technology, pushing the boundaries of traditional styling in the industry.

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