In 1988, De La Chapelle were commissioned by a client to develop and build a luxurious MPV project car, incorporating the most advanced features available at the cutting edge of automobile technology.

The Parcours belonged to that small closed circle of prestige cars, offering refinement and comfort in harmony with power, agressivity and mastership of the road. Designed by Bertrand Barré, one of France's top industrial design agencies, the Parcours evoked speed, stability and raw power.

Its wind tunnel designed profile allowed it to obtain an astonishing Cx of 0.28!

Fitted with a quadruple overhead cam V8 engine, the Parcours responded to every demand with alacrity and suppleness. A skilfully designed chassis allied to very high-tech suspension gave quick sure handling, limpet roadholding and an arrow straight trajectory, all quite astonishing in a vehicle of this size.

The Mercedes V8 engine rushed the vehicle up to a top speed of over 150 mph, with an exhilarating acceleration. And all in total safety.

The Parcours brang together the fundamental qualities of a limousine, estate car and a large saloon. Depending on the version, from six to eight passengers could taste the pleasures of the Parcours, conceived to satisfy every wish of the most demanding.