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Concept Car Of The Day: 2004 Sivax Streetster II Xtile

May 10, 2024

In a world that craves innovation and uniqueness, the XTILE stands out as a bold statement in automotive design. The second in the Streetster series, the XTILE is the product of a collaboration between Sivax Paris and Yokohama design studios.

The concept behind the XTILE was to create a new kind of style that goes beyond existing paradigms by blending multiple phenomena. Drawing inspiration from the world of anime, the XTILE embodied a bold undertaking towards a new design language. Anime has not only inspired countless individuals but has also contributed significantly to the advancement of science and technology.

In today's world, where product quality and functionality have become homogenized, brand differentiation depends heavily on the character projected by the product. Recognizing this, Sivax has entered the "age of the character image." Characters from the world of anime bring vitality and diversity, injecting life into the real world. Their detailed narratives convey a clear message, making them uniquely appealing.

The design of the XTILE blured the boundaries between the "hard" and "soft" dimensions. While aiming for a full-fledged sports car package on the hardware side, Sivax envisioned a sports car with the rich appeal of a surreal character. Drawing inspiration from Japanimation, a field that has attracted worldwide interest, we set out to convey a message of constant innovation.

The XTILE's design was a fresh and original take on stylized sports car motoring. The bold intermixture of its forward and rear body components set it apart, creating a unique aesthetic. The center bar, extending from the rear into the cockpit, functions like a spinal column, centralizing manual and electronic driving commands to make the driver feel at one with the machine.

The aluminum-frame design of the functional components combined mechanical refinement with structural strength, enhancing the car's character-like appeal. The "double axis door" is another key component of the XTILE's distinctive body side, opening and closing with a unique mechanism to create a personalized realm of motoring pleasure for the driver.

In motion, the XTILE was a sight to behold, offering irresistible possibilities for those who seek a truly unique and innovative driving experience. With its blend of anime inspiration and cutting-edge design, the XTILE was a true revolution in automotive styling.

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