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Concept Car Of The Day: 1978 Ford Lucano

Jun 10, 2024

In May of 1984, two Ford Motor Company concept cars made their West Coast debuts at Auto Expo/L.A., the International Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. These cars, the Navarre and the Lucano, showcased the cutting-edge design and innovation of the future.

Designed by the Ghia Studio of Turin, Italy, Ford's international design "think tank," the Navarre was a five-seater sports coupe based on the Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch, while the Lucano was a two-seater sports model off the European Ford Escort. Both cars aimed to bridge the gap between North American and European vehicle dimensions and cater to drivers on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Lucano, specifically, was inspired by the reduction in size and weight of North American cars to meet fuel-economy standards. With its sporty lines and appeal to the youth market, it was sure to turn heads. On the other hand, the Navarre was a more formal touring coupe with a unitized steel body and a 5.0-liter V-8 engine.

The Navarre featured a unique design with a low front section made of impact-absorbent urethane. The interior layout was carefully optimized to provide exceptional shoulder room in both the front and rear seats. The Car's horizontal theme extended to the low belt line and decklid, giving it a sleek and modern look. Additionally, the roof, pillars, and decklid were covered in tan vinyl, similar to a convertible top.

On the other hand, the Lucano had a smaller frontal area and a louvered air-intake system for engine cooling. Named after a town in Italy, the car could be powered by engines ranging from 1.1 to 2.0 liters and offered both manual and automatic transmission options. With recessed headlamps and a lightweight, impact-absorbent construction, the Lucano was designed for speed and efficiency.

Both the Navarre and the Lucano showcased Ford's commitment to innovation and forward-thinking design. These concept cars offered a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry and how cars could be conceived internationally. With their unique designs, cutting-edge features, and attention to detail, these concept cars were sure to impress Californians and car enthusiasts alike at the Auto Expo/L.A. in 1984.

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