You already had a chance to view the official pictures and read the official information about the newest supercar coming from the Modena - the Pagani Huayra - before its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show which started only several days ago. The truth is, the official unveiling of the Deus Venti (as it is Huayra's 'nickname') took the place at the Pirelli headquarters in Milan, on the 18th of February.

Below you can find several official images from the event as well as the speeches in English and also the HD videos to enjoy.

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The European tour to present the new Pagani supercar with P Zero tyres starts from the classic Pirelli plant in Bicocca

Huayra, the world’s first car to use active aerodynamics to “fly” over the tarmac

Milan, 18th February 2011 – Pagani Automobili and Pirelli consolidate their technical partnership which began in 2006 with Huayra, the new supercar from the Modena manufacturers on P Zero tyres and which blends sports performance with elegance. The world preview of the 2011 vehicle, signed off by Horacio Pagani, took place today at the classic Pirelli plant at Bicocca, where the European Huayra launch tour will start. The showdown that took place in the heart of Pirelli’s Research and Development group involved Horacio Pagani, chairman and founder of Pagani Automobili, and Francesco Gori, CEO of Pirelli Tyre.

The Huayra project began in 2003 and the achievement is the direct result of the collaboration of almost every world expert in the automotive sector, who helped create an entirely new vehicle in terms of form, dynamic, dimensions and technologies used. The Pagani experts, the Mercedes Benz-AMG motor engineers and Pirelli researchers have studied each and every detail to bring Horacio Pagani’s idea to life: an elegant, powerful car with a focus on reducing environmental impact; a car not in contrast with the air, but rather supporting it, becoming a part of it. In this project, a key role was played by the tyres which had to guarantee progression, grip and low rolling coefficient as well as meeting particularly severe safety standards, thereby granting maximum stability to a high performance vehicle with a rear engine. To this end, the Pirelli engineers developed innovative solutions for the P Zero destined for used on the Pagani car: optimising the structure to maximise contact patch and improve lateral behaviour. The materials used are also innovative: a two-component compound that increases both grip and rolling efficiency.

The first collaboration between Pirelli and Pagani dates back to 2005, but it was in 2007 that the relationship between the two brands really strengthened, when Pagani beat the speed record on the Nürburgring circuit for the first time, in partnership with Pirelli. The second and last record dates back to last summer, when the Pagani Zonda R travelled 20.83 km in just 6 minutes and 47 seconds, wearing Pirelli P Zero Slick tyres (measuring 265/645-19TL, 325/705-20TL) that had been specifically designed for Zonda R and that were derived from a combination of designs and the use of innovative Motorsport materials.

Huayra consists of more than 4000 parts, in addition to engine and gearbox, which are all assembled individually. Compared with the Zonda, Huayra’s driving position is 40mm further back and has an even more spacious driving compartment. The soft, immediate silhouette becomes sleek and streamlined, with lines that have a clear start and finish. The engine is a Mercedes-Benz AMG twinturbo with more than 700 HP and 1000 Nm torque, optimised in terms of CO2 emissions and consumption, which is integrated with the vehicle, giving the sensation that inspired Pagani research: that of an aeroplane taking off.

To strengthen and enhance the characteristics of the new Pagani, Pirelli Research developed tyres with compounds and solutions that reduce rolling resistance whilst boosting performance characteristics, both in terms of safety and driving pleasure. In addition, these tyres have a reduced environmental impact. Huayra wears the P Zero measuring 255/35ZR19 (96Y)XL P Zero and 335/30ZR20 (104Y) P Zero. The underlying technology is that already used on other P Zero sizes and now boasts almost 200 official approvals as original equipment. This means peak performance is guaranteed for such an extreme sports vehicle, without, however, affecting safety, which must always be guaranteed, both for road and track use and in the wet. Pirelli uses a new two-compound solution for the rear, which allows lateral grip to be maintained to the full, along with stability, even at very high speeds indeed, increasing driving precision and eliminating deterioration even from the front. Pirelli has also used a new production process (already used for the slicks of the Zonda R), which guarantees maximum precision in the assembly of the various tyre parts.




I would like to thank you to all the friends, colleagues, customers and journalists who have arrived from all over the world to share this important moment for the Pagani Automobili. First of all I would like to thank Pirelli, one of the best known brands in the world, which is hosting us in this beautiful home, a symbol of union between tradition and innovation, between past and future.

The story that binds Pirelli and Pagani Automobili is important, the collaboration was established in 2005 and grows stronger as time taking extraordinary results. In 2007, Zonda F sets record at the Nurburgring and repeated in 2010 with Zonda R, scoring an incredible time of 6.47. Superlative performance that are constructed by combining passion, development and technological research.

The close cooperation between Pirelli and Pagani car reaches its peak with Huayra. Pirelli has developed specific PZero tires that enhance the performance of the machine. Using a new bi-mix solution for the rear, keeps the maximum lateral grip and stability even at very high speeds, thus increasing, driving precision and eliminating any signs of lowering even of the front.

I am pleased to give words to the owner, Francesco Gori, CEO and Managing Director of Pirelli Tyre.


I am grateful to Horacio Pagani which I want to give the floor back immediately because he is the star of this evening. Thanks to him for choosing Pirelli, as a development partner for this extraordinary cars.

Pirelli is the undisputed leader in the segment of high performance vehicles, the so-called supercar. Although we prefer to call them "prestige", a concept that exceeds the premium and that is well established in the automotive world. Are those cars that go beyond the norm, both in performance and in terms of price. Although numbers are small, we always talk about the production of 800 / 1000 vehicles per year for a number of years, the productions are, therefore, industrial approach.

With Pagani is a different matter. Pagani builds every car that asks to do something new, asking us to measure suit, which will increase more and more engine performance. Then he called a few days before saying he would go to the Nurburgring to break the record.

If we can meet Pagani we can satisfy everyone.

It's a continuing stimulus for our engineers, our men, who work with a client who requires exceptional efforts. This commitment, however, not repay us by only one point of view of visibility and prestige, but also allows you to work more thoroughly and helps to evolve around the concept of a tire, changing the root of the traditional concepts of programming of large industrial manufacturers tires. Here we are really at a level tailored to measure suit, much more personal and detailed than that for formula 1, which sets out the characteristics early in the season, the development almost stops. Pagani calls for high performance, even without a cooling effect that involves the tire of a formula 1. Pagani is a trend-setter in this field and asks us to anticipate both in form and size, and the new design.

Once again I thank Horacio Pagani and do lots of wishes for continued success.


Before talking about the new car, I would tell you a little story, a little anecdote that might bear witness to the great joy and excitement I feel in being here tonight. I have great memories of my boyhood, in Argentina, when the cars were winning races in a category very famous in South America "tourism de Carretera

" rode tires Cinturato Pirelli. Also, Juan Manuel Fangio, who has always been my reference point, was a Pirelli man.

I managed to convince my father to mount the tires Cinturato Pirelli on the Cross Country he used to carry the bread every Saturday. I loved washing this car and, finally, paint with a yellow brush the tires. This operation was repeated every Saturday because the watercolor did not have a long life, but for me it was a thrill. The other day I saw a colleague of mine who did this same thing and the good memories were rekindled.

Pagani Automobili, in addition to being a team of people working in the construction of the car, is also a team of companies working to create before Zonda and now Huayra.

Now let me tell you about how Huayra was born. The study of the concept began in 2003, the year of submission of the Zonda S Roadster. As you may recall the early 2000s have been important to the world of supercars. The commitment of big car manufacturers have contributed to the rise of extraordinary cars like the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Enzo, Mercedes McLaren SLR.the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche GT, Ferrari Enzo, SLR. This context led us to different thoughts about the future of Zonda and what could be a new Pagani. Since the original design of the Zonda went back to the early 90s (it was frozen in 94’ and then presented in 99’) the first thought was that it was now a project over, so we decided to second guess the new car, with different concepts in the form , size, and dynamic technologies. This without losing the essence of our thinking, that is to follow the concept of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci, who sees art and science go together.

Eternity air element in its expression has become crucial in defining the formal concept and as a source of inspiration that can receive continuous inputs because everywhere you look you find something inspiring: the air turbine, the silence of a glider ... the elegance of the movements as the air moves ... but also violence and force that it can unleash.

Mercedes-Benz AMG has been with us with passion to create a truly extraordinary and light engine, a twin turbo over 700 HP and 1100 Nm of torque, which perfectly complements the car giving a feeling that has motivated our research: that of a jet airplane take-off. To move a car of 1350 kg was not the only requirement, the power delivery was to take place in a linear (not two times) because this would create problems to the security or a continuous operation of electronic devices.


Ladies and gentlemen,

when the partnership between Pagani and Mercedes-AMG started few believed that this new Italian brand would have the strength to withstand the overwhelming power of the establishment. But there was a spark of technical genius, passion and seriousness in the man who started this, Horacio Pagani, and in this team, that convinced Daimler and Mercedes-AMG to believe in this adventure.

We have built over 140 engines for the Zonda model range in the past ten years and we are proud that these engines have propelled the Zonda and the Pagani brand to achieve numerous records and awards on the racetracks and roads all over the globe. For the Mercedes-AMG engineers the Pagani projects are a perfect playground to push the envelope of technology and performance.

Four years a development team of specialists has travelled the world to hone an engine that would perfectly match the character of this amazing vehicle. As I’m responsible for the calibration of the Powertrains of all AMG models, I had the chance to attend the progress during the development of the car over the last four years on the test drives all over the world. The passion that drove the team has led to a powerplant that excels in more than one aspect.

Performance is written in the DNA of Mercedes-AMG and the bespoke M158 engine, the internal engine code, for the Huayra is at the peak of AMG performance engines. With a power output of over 700hp and a torque figure that exceeds 1000Nm you do not need rocket science to tell you that the Huayra will be fast, but true performance runs deeper, behind the mere acceleration and top speed stats.

The M158 had to be a small, light engine, turbo-charged but with the throttle response of a normally aspirated engine. In a car that weights less than 1.400 kg it is vital that the engine responds to the slightest input made by the driver’s right foot. The design of the turbocharger and intake system is a result of these requests. A dry sump lubrication with 2 scavange pumps and one pressure pump guarantees that the engine lubrication is ensured during the harshest driving conditions.

The M158 is designed to withstand sustained lateral accelerations of over 1.7 G! But performance for Mercedes-AMG and Pagani means also every-day performance. The M158 is as reliable as any other Daimler engine and encourages the passengers to focus on the essential, the joy of driving. Our test drivers have taken the worst to give future owners the best. We have travelled the continents, from the arctic circle in Sweden to Death Valley, USA, to make sure that the M158 is a performer also in the unlikeliest of conditions it may ever encounter.

Last, but not least, green performance. The Huayra sets a new benchmark in fuel economy and CO2 emissions in 12 cylinder mid engines sportscars with the fuel economy in the NEDC (new European driving cycle) of about 13 l/100km. One man-one engine. A selection of skilled master mechanics will individually handcraft each single production engine for the Huayra, a commitment to Mercedes-AMG’s tradition of precision and quality. Each engine is dyno tested for almost half an hour in all engine speed and load conditions at the test rig for performance and quality characteristics before being dispatched to Pagani for the final marriage with the car. Handcrafted precision, dynamic performance, Passion. Mercedes-AMG shares these values with Pagani Automobili and we are thrilled to see the wings of the Huayra unfold today to lift the relationship between two strong brands to new heights.


The Huayra is made of more than 4000 components (engine and gearbox not included). To create them and put them together requires creativity, patience and passion that I shared with a fantastic young team and with the most competent partner in all sectors.


In defining the size, I immediately thought of a car that would be longer than the Zonda, a track increased by 70 mm, a cabin position shifted 40 mm to the back and even more spacious...The silhouette should be easy to read and form itself from lean and sleek lines that have a clear beginning and an end.

As the style is concerned during these five years we have tried to find the best compromise working on 8 scale models and 2 full scale models, as well as hundreds of drawings without never leaving the original idea and taking meticulous care of the details.

The ideas were of including the ellipse of our brand in the front and at the back, keeping the central exhaust as the completion of the line of the canopy, the line starting at the headlight area that continues and ends into the air intake. We also thought from the beginning of active aerodynamics. Flaps that are activated according to the study of results gathered through calculations and aerodynamic testing. The whole car is shaped as a wing so it was necessary to create a high front to reduce the length of the upper part of this wing to counteract lift.

The active suspension in the front and the 4 flaps allow to optimally balance the drag coefficient and downforce.

Mercedes-AMG already 5 years ago thought about the coming environmental restrictions by creating a 12-cylinder engine that is at the peak of efficiency in terms of CO2 and consumption.

Pirelli has created a very progressive tyre with a exceptional grip in all situations and with low rolling friction. Every aspect of safety was treated not only to comply with the highest standards of the United States but also taking into account the dynamic by which most accidents with high performance rear engined cars occur.

While developing the C9 we witnessed the evolution of the different models of the Zonda and it showed us that the Zonda wasn’t obsolete as I had originally feared. The team was able to work on many projects at the same time driving on different tracks that occasionally came to meet by sharing engineering concepts, materials, safety and scientific or design studies. The Zonda R has been a key laboratory for the Huayra.

Thanks to ASPA, who with his professionalism and his knowledge in the processing of aluminum components has provided support for the creation of over 800 individual parts for Huayra.

Thanks to MHG-Fahrzeugtechnik that with their technology in the creation of discharges, using the most advanced materials such as titanium, have contributed to Huayra directly applying the technologies used for racing cars.

With that Xtrac has built on specific Pagani Automobili, a 7-speed sequential gearbox cross technology of rare, fast and accurate light.

A special thanks also goes to Electronic Arts which has reproduced in the simulation game automotive upcoming SHIFT 2, Huayra, with a wealth of detail and fidelity, both the look and feel for the reproduction of driving sensations, truly fantastic.

Huayra opens the doors of the new world Pagani Automobili. The car, in fact, fully meeting the most demanding standards of American security, will then be sold in the United States. For the first time an official Pagani will land in the new continent, a great recognition to quality construction and engineering Huayra a new and important market for Pagani Automobili.


It’s a pleasure to be here tonight, thank you Mrs. And Mr Pagani for inviting me. I am a collector of cars, but before speaking about Daimler, just to chat a little bit, i’m the chairman of Aabar Investments company, we are managing 50 bilion of assets, but the subject of tonight is the Pagani car. I bought the first Pagani car two years ago, and i really enjoying drive the car. Mr. Pagani, you are producing one of the best car, the Zonda R which i bought, and the Zonda F actually is the best car i’ve ever drove in Abu Dabi. Just to speak about also i’m proud about the cooperation between Pagani and AMG, this is very important for us because we own 10% of Dailmer stock.

I’m driving a lot of Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini, but with all the respect for these, for me the Zonda is something else, really the finishing, the exclusivity is something else.

I’m happy to be here in Pirelli Head Quarter and i’m happy also to meet the CEO of Pirelli, for an investment point of view. This is very important for us.

Thank you very much again Mr. Pagani, i hope i receive my new Huayra soon so i can enjoy drinve it.> <p style=>
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