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IED Alisea: The Concept Hypercar Celebrating Pagani Zonda's 25th Anniversary [w/Video]

Apr 10, 2024

In a world where automotive design continually pushes boundaries, paying homage to iconic models is both an art and a science. Enter Alisea, the latest creation from the talented students of the Master Course in Transportation Design at IED Torino, in collaboration with Pagani Automobili. This futuristic hypercar is a tribute to the legendary Zonda, marking its 25th anniversary in style.

Unveiled at the Reggia di Venaria, Alisea represents a bold evolution of the Zonda, a car that revolutionized design standards and captured the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide when it debuted a quarter of a century ago. The students, guided by Pagani's design team, embarked on a journey to reimagine this automotive icon for the future while preserving its essence.

At its core, Alisea embodies the philosophy of Horacio Pagani, blending advanced technology with a relentless pursuit of perfection. Inspired by the elegance and performance of Group C racing at Le Mans, this hypercar seamlessly merges tradition with innovation, creating a masterpiece that transcends time.

The design process was a meticulous journey, with students delving deep into the essence of the Zonda while infusing their vision for the future. From freehand sketches to 3D modeling, each step was a collaborative effort between the young designers and Pagani's experts, resulting in a flawless blend of analog charm and cutting-edge technology.

Alisea's exterior is a study in clean lines and aerodynamic efficiency. Its sleek silhouette, devoid of unnecessary ornamentation, exudes a timeless appeal reminiscent of classic automotive masterpieces. The elongated ellipse connecting the front and rear gracefully frames the drop-shaped cockpit, housing a powerful AMG V12 engine.

Drawing inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci's principles of art and science, the design team ensured that every element of Alisea was not just visually striking but also functional. From the full-LED headlights to the rear lamps referencing the Divine Proportion, every detail serves a purpose, contributing to the car's overall performance and aesthetic.

Inside, Alisea continues to impress with its blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. An elliptical dashboard seamlessly integrates analog gauges with a digital screen, while the trademark stick shift pays homage to classic hypercars of yesteryears. The steering wheel, crafted from luxurious leather, adds a touch of refinement to the cockpit.

The collaboration between IED Torino and Pagani Automobili has not only produced a stunning hypercar but also provided invaluable experience for the students involved. Alberto Piccolo, Advanced Design Lead at Pagani, emphasizes the formative nature of the partnership, which allowed young talents to thrive while benefiting from industry expertise.

Paola Zini, Director of IED Torino, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in fostering the professional growth of young designers. With enrollments from around the globe, IED Torino has established itself as a hub for transportation design education, nurturing diverse perspectives and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

As Alisea joins the prestigious collection of concept cars developed by IED Torino, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity in shaping the future of automotive design. With technical sponsors and partners supporting its development, Alisea represents a culmination of talent, vision, and passion—a hypercar for the ages.

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