Fiesta Urba was built around the idea of a city shopper vehicle. It offered everything the customer would require for a day of power shopping in town.

This ultimate city car concept had two doors on the near side and one on the far side of the vehicle, plus parking aids, built-in garage door openers, a refrigerator in the boot and innovative interior stowage areas.

Finished in a distinctive shade of yellow, the Fiesta Urba was an attractive model. Its interior carried the yellow signature colour as well as accenting grey materials with bright colours.


Engine & performance:

Position: front

Type: Ford Fiesta, 4-cylinder

Capacity: 1117 cc

Power: 50hp @ 5000 rpm

Torque: 83 Nm @ 2700 rpm


Length: 3700 mm

Width: 1590 mm

Height: 1335 mm

Wheelbase: 2290 mm