Fruit of the creative expertise of the Caprie Style Centre, the Genesis is a prototype for the car of the future, presented at the 1988 Turin Motor Show. This is a concept car, where the design incubation process follows the lead of the intuition. The Genesis interprets the search for a new dimension for the automobile, entrusted more to the imagination than to the technical and design tendencies of the day. This model is a people-carrier for four to six passengers, powered by a 455 Hp Lamborghini V12 engine and featuring an extremely original use of space and a large, entirely glazed greenhouse. The two front doors - hinged on the central pillar of the windscreen - and the rear sliding doors, are some of the other original elements in this futuristic GT. High performance and an exciting look are the key features of the sports car concept, and the Genesis works these in with criteria of spaciousness and comfort. In Bertone's mind, the car-owner was becoming increasingly less willing to sacrifice his comfort, and the Genesis responds to this: a captivating, fast, comfortable "road jet". As a design project it is deliberately provocative, based as it is on a vision of the future where changing human needs are interpreted to create some very original design solutions.

source: Bertone

Engine & performance:

Type: Lamborghini Espada, V12, DOHC 

Capacity: 3929 cc

Power: 350 hp @ 7500 rpm

Torque: 392 Nm @ 5500 rpm 


Length: 4475 mm

Width: 2000 mm

Height: 1520 mm

Wheelbase: 2650 mm