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MG Cyberster's Electric Odyssey: Conquering Europe and Setting Sights on Shanghai

Jan 05, 2024

In a remarkable feat of endurance, MG's highly-anticipated Cyberster EV roadster has successfully completed an 8,500-mile European tour, marking the opening leg of the thrilling "Charging into the Future" adventure. Piloted by British adventurers and brothers, Ross and Hugo Turner, the pre-production Cyberster has become a sensation among MG and EV enthusiasts, surpassing its planned mileage as it journeyed through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Italy, and its home market, the UK.

The Charging into the Future Tour: From Europe to Shanghai

The ambitious adventure continues as Ross and Hugo now set their sights on the historic Silk Road route, traversing the Middle East, India, and the Far East, with the ultimate destination being Shanghai. Despite encountering a few unexpected twists in their plans, the Turner brothers have embraced the additional miles, fueling the growing interest in the MG Cyberster.

Driving Impressions and Unexpected Comfort

Sharing driving duties, both Hugo and Ross have been impressed with the early prototype's performance. Hugo Turner notes, "The car is very responsive as you would expect from an EV, but also it sticks like glue when you throw it into a corner." Despite being an early model, the Cyberster has showcased its capabilities on various terrains, from powering down an autobahn to conquering hairpin turns up a mountain.

Beyond its driving prowess, the MG Cyberster has proven to be a practical convertible with surprising comfort for long-distance travel. Hugo Turner emphasizes the convertible's practicality, stating, "Most people would expect a head-turning convertible like the Cyberster to have no luggage space, but I can fit in the boot! And there’s plenty of room in the cabin."

Electric Vehicle Realities: Showcasing Long-Distance Capabilities

As electric vehicles gain increased attention, the Charging into the Future project serves as a testament to the Cyberster's long-distance capabilities. Addressing common concerns about driving range and charging, Ross and Hugo's journey aims to showcase the true potential of an electric car.

David Allison, MG Motor UK Head of Product and Planning, expresses satisfaction with the Cyberster's performance, stating, "Hugo and Ross are giving the Cyberster the ultimate engineering shakedown, and we’re very pleased with how it is performing over such long distances."

As the MG Cyberster continues its electric odyssey, captivating enthusiasts and breaking barriers, the world eagerly awaits its arrival in Shanghai, marking a historic chapter in the future of electric mobility.

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