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London Concours 2024 Unveils Epic McLaren Showcase on Opening Day

Mar 13, 2024

The London Concours, the prestigious automotive summer garden party in the heart of the city, is gearing up for an extraordinary event this June. Breaking with tradition, the opening day of the eighth annual celebration will feature a dazzling assembly of 50 of McLaren's finest models, paying homage to the brand's storied performance lineage.

As a groundbreaking addition to the event, the McLaren showcase on Tuesday, June 4th, promises a breathtaking display of the iconic marque's evolution. McLaren London, a key partner of the London Concours, will present the latest models, offering attendees a captivating journey through McLaren's rich heritage – from the groundbreaking McLaren F1 to the cutting-edge 750S.

McLaren's legacy in motorsports dates back to its founding by Bruce McLaren in 1963, with the brand quickly establishing its presence with the McLaren M1A in the inaugural year. The showcase will feature pivotal moments in McLaren's history, from racing triumphs to groundbreaking innovations, including the introduction of carbon fibre composite technology with the MP4/1 in 1984.

Attendees will witness McLaren's transition to road cars, beginning with the McLaren MP4-12C in 2011, leading to the iconic McLaren F1 in 1992 – the only road-legal vehicle capable of exceeding 200 miles per hour at the time.

The evolution continued with McLaren Automotive's establishment in 2010, introducing groundbreaking models such as the hybrid-powered McLaren P1, track-focused McLaren Senna, open-top McLaren Elva, and the futuristic McLaren Speedtail.

The showcase will also highlight McLaren's more accessible Sport Series, featuring models like the 540C, 570S, and 570GT. New additions, including the McLaren 600LT, 620R, and the standard-bearer for the Sports Series, the McLaren Artura, will take the spotlight.

The event preview offers just a glimpse of the extraordinary machinery set to grace the occasion. Stay tuned for further announcements as we approach the highly anticipated 8th edition of the London Concours.

Andrew Evans, London Concours Director, expressed excitement about this historic addition: "Welcoming 50 McLaren supercars on the opening day is a first in our event's history, enhancing the experience of our summer garden party. This showcase not only celebrates McLaren's iconic models but also aligns seamlessly with our mission to celebrate the pinnacle of automotive excellence." Get ready for an unforgettable automotive spectacle in the heart of London.

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