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Lanzante and Mad Mike Announce Project MADMAC: A McLaren P1 GTR Drift Hypercar

Mar 26, 2024

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled fusion of automotive mastery as Lanzante and 'Mad Mike' Whiddett shake up the scene with their latest collaboration: Project MADMAC. This groundbreaking venture, set to debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2024, promises to redefine the boundaries of drift hypercars.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic McLaren P1 GTR, MADMAC represents the pinnacle of automotive innovation. Combining Lanzante's expertise in engineering with Mad Mike's flair for drifting, this project pushes the envelope in terms of design, performance, and sheer audacity.

The journey began at Lanzante's workshop in the UK, where the foundations of MADMAC were laid. Now, with the McLaren making its way to Mike's 'Mad Lab' in New Zealand, the project enters its next phase: the full drift-spec treatment. With just 100 days until its global debut, anticipation is building as the team works tirelessly to bring this vision to life.

For Lanzante, renowned for their extreme conversions of McLaren models, MADMAC represents a bold new chapter in their storied history. Meanwhile, Mad Mike's reputation as one of the world's premier drifters adds an electrifying dimension to the project. Together, with the support of O'Gara Coach luxury group, they are poised to unleash something truly extraordinary onto the world stage.

"The idea for the project came about after meeting Mike at Goodwood last year," explains Dean Lanzante. "We like to think that we build some of the most extreme cars, but Mike saw this as a challenge to take things up a level or two."

With MADMAC, Mad Mike is determined to push the limits like never before. "Being a proud kiwi, I'm inspired to push this McLaren project to the absolute limit, and then take it around the world... SIDEWAYS!" he declares.

Mad Mike's track record speaks for itself, with iconic projects like teaching Formula 1 champion Max Verstappen to drift and unveiling the world's first 5-rotor drift machine. Now, with MADMAC, he's set to add another chapter to his legacy of innovation.

As details of this wild build continue to emerge, enthusiasts can follow along on the Lanzante, O'Gara Coach, and Mad Mike channels for exclusive updates. And come July, prepare for MADMAC to make a bold entrance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, signaling a new era in automotive excellence.

In the world of automotive innovation, MADMAC is poised to reign supreme. Stay tuned as Lanzante and Mad Mike defy expectations and unleash their wildest creation yet.

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