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Rezvani Beast is taking shape [VIDEO]

Aug 05, 2014

Rezvani Motors has issued the following press release:

The Making of Beast by RAD Supercars, Part 1: Video

Orange County, Ca., 08/05/2014 -- RAD (Rezvani Automotive Designs) today is proud to give you a first-hand look at what went into building America’s newest supercar, Beast.

At the halfway point of production, the foam model seen here began life as a large, single brick. The five-axis Gantry Milling Machine then carved out the proportions of Beast from our CAD renderings to prepare for it for carbon fiber body work.

After the molding of the plug is competed, it’s put through a number of aerodynamic tests to ensure that it keeps it’s streamlined form from the original concept.

The foam model then acts as a base for the carbon fiber bodywork. Each piece of carbon fiber will then be carefully crafted over the foam and molded to exact dimensions. This type of quality build ensures that no imperfections make it to the final production form.

Once the carbon fiber work is completed, the production team can then focus efforts on headlight and taillight fitments, wheels and tires, and any further details that may need to be completed prior to final production. At that point, the RAD Beast will be ready to hit the road.

The very first Beast will be taking to the streets early December, 2014.

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