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Rezvani Motors teases Beast Alpha

Jul 02, 2016

Rezvani Motors has issued the following press release:

Rezvani Beast Alpha - Evolutionary Performance Meets Aggressive Design

Orange County, CA. — Designed with passion; built for performance. The Rezvani Beast Alpha will represent the newest addition to the Rezvani portfolio when it debuts late Summer of 2016 in California, U.S.A.

Building on the success of Beast, the Beast Alpha introduces amenities like air conditioning, a removable hard-top roof, a fully-furnished leather and Alcantara interior, and yes, even doors.

Design and performance remain a facet of the Rezvani lineup with the Beast Alpha. A 500-horsepower, mid-engine setup, a manual gearbox, and a lightweight carbon fiber body provide premium performance, while iconic Rezvani design cues allow you to turn heads at every corner.

Pre-orders are now open. More information will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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