The unique design of the A2 has such low wind resistance that it requires only half as much horsepower as a motorcycle, and only a third as much as a car. The very low drag coefficient (Cd) of .150 translates into extreme aerodynamic stability for such a lightweight vehicle (weight is approx. 900 pounds, depending on drive train installed).

The vehicle’s Amick Arch can handle gusty crosswinds (while its vertical airfoil-shaped fixed sails convert side wind to forward thrust). Centers of gravity, side pressure, and lateral resistance are optimized to provide maximum vehicle safety.

Body is monocoque/fiberglass construction, with urethane nose and tail bumpers. Can be registered in most U.S. states as a motorcycle.

Other safety features: wedge-shaped front end that tends to deflect impacts; a highly visible profile in traffic; panoramic windshields; a collapsible steering column; exceptional aerodynamic stability; all-weather radial tires; quartz halogen headlights; and a manually operated emergency brake.

Engine & performance:

Position: Rear
Type: Rotary SP-440
Capacity: 440 cc
Power: 30hp @ 5500 rpm
Drive: RWD
Top speed: 153 km/h
0-100 km/h: 17 s


Length: 4166 mm
Width: 1753 mm
Height: 1346 mm
Wheelbase: 2159 mm
Weight: 408 kg