2005 Quaife R40

The QUAIFE R40 is the latest model to emerge from RT QUAIFE ENGINEERING LTD, the renowned drive-train firm famous for some of the most innovative, strongest and most reliable gearboxes and differentials on the market. The R40 has been created to celebrate QUAIFE’s 40th birthday. It is available with three engine option packs that range from mild to wild. The R40 is hand-built to the same very high standard set by QUAIFE for all its products that few manufacturers can match. 

QUAIFE has spent a great deal of time and energy developing the R40 and has succeeded in building a fantastic car for mainly track use but that is perfectly usable on public roads. It is beautifully designed and exquisitely engineered and has already been greeted with accolades normally reserved for far more expensive cars.

The R40’s performance, from any engine package, is sensational and coupled to QUAIFE’s own six-speed sequential gearbox is a delight on the road but really is in a league all its own on the track. The excitement starts as soon as you jump into the cockpit over the sides and not to mention the sudden rush of adrenalin you get as the engine, mounted longitudinally in true race car tradition, is fired up. In a car weighing no

more than 750 kilos acceleration is breathtaking and the spaceframe chassis instills confidence that allows the R40 to be exploited to the max! The suspension – adjustable in every conceivable way for every track condition and every driving style – designed and made in-house by QUAIFE provides a unique package that combines ultra-high performance, with excellent and predictable handling.

source: Quaife. Please mention www.allcarindex.com when using this text.

Engine & performance:

Type: Ford Furatec HE

Capacity: 2.0-litre, 16-valve

Power: 195 hp / 220 hp / 250 hp


Length: 3760 mm

Width: 1760 mm

Height: 1100 mm

Wheelbase: 2460 mm