A simple but highly effective design gives the Skunk a purposeful road presence backed up by fearsome performance from any of the 900+cc Yamaha XJ series engines that can be used. High tech pushrod front suspension also appears well up the job. On the road from £6500 or £13,000GBP in turnkey form.

Malone Skunk history:

Malone have been specialising in the design and development of performance three-wheelers since 1992 The new Malone “Super Trike”, the F 1000, represents the pinnacle of high performance three-wheeler design. It couples a 1000cc thoroughbred superbike engine with a light- weight chassis, wrapped in a sleek, aerodynamic bodyshell. The result is a package of refined beauty, with the performance and handling to match many single- seater race-cars.

Prototype: Skunk Mk1, 1996

The Skunk MK1 was our first road legal prototype. Amazingly light, with a hand- beaten ali body and weighing only 270 kg. It could be powered by either a Yamaha XJ 650 or 900. We found that the narrow bike width rear tyres were more suited to the 650. Its excellent handling compared well with other beasts on both road and track. On the track it cornered with precision even while in a three wheel drift!! Its only minor drawback was that it suffered from rear suspension hardening under heavy acceleration. This was due to the direct shaft drive, a known problem with nearly all shaft drive bikes.

Weight: 270 kg / 594 lbs
power: 70-100bhp
Top speed 125Mph /200kph
0-60 5.5-6 seconds

Skunk Sports Special, 1998

The Skunk Sports Special was our first production model. A leap forward in design and refinement from the Mk1. For this we developed our own GRP body, tuned rising rate suspension, aero-section wishbones, 12“ discs, AP racing callipers, a mechanical paddle- gear change and a unique drive conversion system, to eradicate any rear suspension hardening under power, and allow a 195/15 tyre. The primary engine is the Yamaha XJ900F.

The handling of this vehicle is truly exquisite. Its perfect weight balance and un-compromised suspension and steering geometry work superbly. This trike is completely driver responsive giving any driver the ultimate driving experience. The boundaries between driver and machine start to fade. Its a great driving thrill.

Weight 285 kg / 627 lbs
power 100+bhp
Top speed 132Mph / 211 kph
0-60 4.9 seconds

Skunk Sports GSX1100, 1999

Affectionately know by us as “the beast”, the GSX 1100 is a raw power experience.
Essentially, it is mechanically very similar to the Sports Special. Although, it has an uprated drive system, slight alterations in the front suspension. The real difference is the monster Susuki GSX 1100 and the immense amount of torque it produces. We don’t know how much power it produces, but according to the race drivers who have tested it, there's not much on th track to rival it which has more than one seat!!!!

Weight 315 kg / 693 lbs
power 130+bhp
Top speed 138Mph / 221kph
0-60 4.3 seconds

Skunk MAX, 2002

The Skunk Max was a prototype developed for an American customer. Powered by the Yamaha V-Max 1200cc V four engine. A little heavier than the previous Malone trikes, but with more than enough extra torque & bhp to conteract this. We were most impressed by its the powerful throaty roar. “It sounds like a V8 on steriods“ was one appropraiate description we overheard. The only minor down point is that the size of the motor makes the engine bay a little cramped to work on.

Weight 325 kg / 715 lbs
power 145+bhp
Top speed ???
0-60 4.7 seconds

ST F1000

The new Malone "Super Trike", the F 1000, represents the pinnacle of our high performance three-wheeler design. It couples a 1000cc thoroughbred superbike engine with an ultra light weight redesigned chassis. The sleek, aerodynamic bodyshell is now a Kevlar reinforced GRP composite. It is using new lighter 300mm front discs, lighter callipers and shocks. It also has a totally redesigned drive system, which still incorporates a chain for the final drive. There is a new moulded interior with increased storage space for those longer trips.

source: Malone (www.malonecar.com)