On the early morning of September 15th - the second IAA Motor Show press day  - a new German startup company Halcon SuperSport  from Frankfurt uncovered a supercar model – the Falcarto.

Young and ambitious enterprise aims to come head-to-head with the best acclaimed ones in the segment of extraordinary and unique supersportscars. Having developed the Falcarto during the last 2.5 years, Halcon SuperSport proudly presented a pre-production prototype which is scheduled for a strictly limited production of only 15 custom made examples.

The muscular and aggressive looking coupe extensively incorporates carbon fiber into bodywork what results into a saved weight as well as top class performance characteristics. Clearly noticeable carbon elements like front splitter, front grille, side vents on the hood, front and rear wings, doors, side skirts, rear window, rear splitter and central console nicely wraps up this German supercar. Sophisticated design features such as repeated company logo (the stylized letter “H”) on the front grill, large air vents, massive rear and stylish wing - they all fit into a sporty and dynamic image. One of the most noticeable features of an external design is the roof line. The line of the windshield is broken at the sharp edge and then quickly goes down. In combination with an especially sharp and distinctive waist line emphasized on the side doors this narrows down into the rear end. This truly unusual decision provides additional aggressiveness for the stance of the Falcarto and makes it look ready for a take-off at the smallest pressure of an accelerator pedal. The car will be available in one of five colors such as Stream-White, Berrymania-Red, Manganite-Silver, Bronzite-Brown and Stratosite Light-Blue.

The Falcarto is sitting on Continental Sport Contact 5P tires (265/30 R21 in front and 325/25 R21 on the rear axle) mounted on a specially-designed CNC-machined aluminum wheels. In order to ensure the proper grip brake discs with a diameter of 380mm comes under control together with respectively 6- and 4-piston front and rear calipers.

Inside of the car, both the driver and passenger is surrounded by luxury materials such as best quality leather and Alcantara. Well noticeable is that the design elements are repeated on the seats, door panels and leg room area. Wrapped into carbon fiber is a fine state-of the-art infotainment system in the central panel. Additionally, mounted behind custom-made Recaro seats is a large diameter sound speaker.

Hidden under the carbon skin is a centrally located modified V6 3.7 liter twin-turbo front engine derived from Nissan GT-R with a power output varying from 420 to 640 hp. This power aggregate is able to generate torque from 440 to 770 Nm. The estimated weight of the Falcarto is from 1510 to 1600 kg meaning that the power-to-weight ratio varies from 3.59kg to 2.50kg/1 hp. Combining these figures we get a new German high performance supercar which is able to run from standstill to 100 km/h in 3.8-5 seconds and reach a top speed of 285-320 km/h!

The Halcon SuperSport Falcarto enters final testing and refinement stage after the Frankfurt show. The car will be tailor-made only by a special request at a starting price of 175.000 euro.

Definitely, this was a special time and special place for this Frankfurt company to unveil their car. It is an exciting fact that this international and cosmopolite city now serves as a home place for a brand new German exotic supercar. While the company cites Thucidydes: “the secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage”, we  can confirm that both freedom and courage was perfectly outspread on the Halcon SuperSport stand and we are truly looking forward to seeing the Falcarto again at Top Marques Monaco 2016 and meeting warm-hearted people who brought this project to life!

Press release issued by Halcon SuperSport:

The Halcón SuperSport „Falcarto“ – Passion brought to Life

 A small, creative company from Frankfurt designs a car, born from ingenuity and personal inspiration. The worldwide limited edition of 15 cars is handcrafted. The presentation to the public will be at the IAA.

It still exists: childhood dreams, nurtured and cultivated until they become reality.  Rick T. Damm (CEO), Christopher Kranz (Design) and Ralph Diehl (Investors Relations) – believe in dreaming big. The shareholders of the Frankfurt firm launched in 2013, Halcón SuperSport, as well as several other companies with a hands-on involvement,  created a car unique in form, color and performance, fulfilling their life-long vision. An exclusive limited edition, built to individual, customized order. That's a promise they'll keep.

 Halcón SuperSport named their first creation “Falcarto“. Each car will be handmade in Germany. During the last two years, the design has been developed and perfected by the Frankfurt team. They know that a timeless design needs constant refinement. Fine-tuning is essential for high-end production. The chassis frame and motor of the Halcón SuperSport „Falcarto“ guarantees the sportive passionate joy of driving. The car possesses a centrally located V6 3.7 liter twin-turbo front engine constructed out of aluminum with steel cylinder liners and high-strength H-Beam design rods. The use of a technology in which the variable valve and valve range are constantly adjusted, enables instant and powerful response qualities as well as providing an optimal torque band.

The thermally optimized exhaust manifolds are made of cast iron and the exhaust system is of stainless steel with cross-wise arranged mufflers in the rear for optimal weight distribution. By incorporating carbon fiber, the body weight is reduced and the recalculated dynamics make for an excellent power to weight ratio. Visible carbon fiber elements accentuate the striking design. Customers can choose their own personal color statement from five extraordinary hues.

Halcón will limit their distribution of preliminary photographs of the Falcarto and the online banners and YouTube clips only hint at the car's form, until the premier unveiling and first public appearance of the Falcarto at the IAA 2015.

 About Halcón

The Halcón SuperSport-Team is located in the heart of Frankfurt Main / Germany. You can see the Falcarto and meet the minds behind this globally oriented enterprise personally at the IAA 2015 – Halle 4 – Stand 37. Falcarto’s premier public presentation takes place on September 16, 2015 at 9:30am.