First unveiled at the 2005 North American International Auto Show, the Ikanos concept interior presented applications of Johnson Controls’ interior technologies – both current and in-development. 

Ikanos, a Greek word meaning “to enable,” reflected the concept interior’s theme of showcasing Johnson Controls’ products as a palette of inspirational ideas for vehicle design teams to consider. 

The Ikanos concept showcased several technologies and products, including: 

  • CrafTec interior processes – a portfolio of processes – CrafTec Multi-Color Injection, CrafTec Partial Mold-Behind and CrafTec Partial Foam-in-Place – that deliver luxuriously crafted interiors with color and material accents, while reducing cost by reducing multiple fabricating and assembly steps into a single operation. Advanced CrafTec ideas shown in Ikanos are proven by tooled parts to show production capability. 
  • Advanced Instrument Cluster – increasingly becoming the “jewel” of any interior, state-of-the art instrument cluster technology can be inventively applied to achieve innovative lighting and information display.
  • Floor Rail Console – a floor rail console that expands storage when needed and moves beyond minivans and crossovers to provide storage flexibility for two and three-row SUVs.

source: Johnson Controls