Improved Human Machine Interaction (HMI)

Utilizing an end-user-centric design approach enables us to create compelling solutions that offer consumers a seamless interaction experience and a positive emotional connection.

Connected Display. High-resolution and multi-touch with increased connectivity improve driver interaction and create a compelling user experience.

Multi-Controller. Modular, scalable architecture with touch-sensitive controls provides reduced mass, highly functional integration and increased design freedom.

Virtual Instrument Cluster. Transflective display technology, high-quality graphics and innovative HMI result in improved driver interaction and convenience with superior visibility in direct sunlight.

Combiner Head-Up Display. Cost-effective, full-color system enhances comfort and safety by projecting key information on a fully integrated transparent screen within the driver's primary field of vision.

Wireless Charging. Dedicated and convenient charging space eliminates a need for plug or cord for phones and other electronic devices.

Flexible Space

Our extensive knowledge and innovative product solutions enable occupants to personalize their vehicle interiors for greater storage, convenience and functionality while maintaining optimum comfort.

Unparalleled Storage Capacity. Innovative solutions increase adaptable space for enhanced convenience and interior performance.

First-Row Passenger Seat Flexibility. Unique, stadium seating with innovative cantilever seat design offers a best-in-class, extreme lounge-recline comfort system (45°) with extended legroom, cushion angle adjustment (15°) and ultra-low fold-flat (0°) for increased storage capabilities.

Second-Row Comfort Seat. As seen in the first-row passenger seat, unique stadium seating with innovative cantilever seat design offers a best-in-class lounge-recline comfort system with cushion angle adjustment for extended legroom and ultra-low fold-flat for increased storage capabilities.

EV Battery System. Innovative low-profile battery system places lithium-ion prismatic cells beneath the vehicle floor, resulting in a flat floor with increased usable interior space.

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Reduced Mass

Extensive expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing enables us to provide optimized, cost-efficient product and technology solutions with reduced mass.

Seating Technologies. Innovative solutions—like our modular system MS 2.0 with one-piece back frame and Gemini track—offer reduced mass with enhanced comfort and safety.

Selective Materials. Appropriate and efficient use of materials for reduced mass and greatest overall value includes long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic or wheat straw reinforced PP for structural elements in the IP, door and floor console while nonstructural elements (substrates) are compressed natural fibers with PP thin film.

Lightweight Audio Integration. Innovative new technology eliminates the need for door speakers, resulting in reduced mass and increased storage. The technology enables headliners and trim panels to become the speaker while a digital signal processor (DSP) maximizes audio performance for any specific vehicle platform.

Lightweight Headliner System/Products. Compression formed headliner and pillars offer reduced mass and efficient use of materials with excellent strength, stiffness and acoustical properties as well as new lighting applications.

Unique Material Applications

Pleasing aesthetics, superior performance, reduced mass and distinctive appearance are all created through the innovative use and unique application of materials.

PP Thin Film. High flexibility in carrier material selection is offered in a cost-efficient surface that provides 10 times more scratch-resistance than standard paint.

Compressed Natural Fibers with PP Thin Film. Cost-effective solution provides a durable class-A surface with excellent strength and reduced mass.

Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic. Combining long glass fibers and thermoplastics such as polypropylene and nylon results in excellent strength with reduced mass.

Decorative Mesh. Unique applications provide a soft, tactile experience and reduced mass, resulting in an innovative and differentiated appearance.

HF Welding. Bonding two materials together to produce 3-D patterns on the trim surface provides visual impact and a high level of perceived craftsmanship.

FaserTec – Natural Fibers. Bonded natural fibers covered in a nonwoven material offer eco-friendly scalability and a slim profile with superior comfort, support and optimized thermo/micro climate.

I-Skin. Single-step process offers a soft surface with a slim appearance as well as improved functionality and increased cleanability.



·         First-Row Passenger Seat Flexibility

·         Second-Row Comfort Seat

·         Fold-flat stadium seating (0°) with extreme recline comfort position (45°) and cushion angle adjustment (15°)

·         HF Welding

·         FaserTec – Natural Fibers


·         Lightweight Audio Integration

·         Lightweight Headliner System/Products

·         Decorative Mesh

·         PP Thin Film

·         Compressed Fibers

·         PP Long Glass

·         I-Skin


·         Connected Display

·         Multi-Controller

·         Virtual Instrument Cluster

·         Combiner Head-Up Display

·         Wireless Charging

·         Capacitive Switch

Johnson Controls–Saft Next Generation Battery System

·         Low-profile, self-contained EV battery pack

·         Prismatic Li-ion cells

·         Battery capacity 60Ah

·         Total energy 23,700 Wh

·         Enables vehicle range target of 100 miles