Etimos was created in 2001 for the IAA motor show in Frankfurt. Under the slogan “Motoring was yesterday – mobility and more is tomorrow” the interior became an attractive background against which the active life of the driver and passengers unfolded. The seamless interplay of technology and design reflected the consumer’s new awareness of comfort, functionality and driving pleasure. 

Etimos was the interior concept for the next generation of vehicles. Functionality and comfort harmonized in a unique design. Equipped with numerous innovative products and immediately available for the next models.


  • Innovative interior solutions for the next generation of vehicles
  • Harmony between high-tech and aesthetics
  • Enhanced comfort, improved functional performance, greater driving enjoyment
  • Improved acoustics and good recycling capability

Product Highlights

  • In-mold graining opens up various graining options within a single product step
  • An intuitive control unit for all infotainment functions
  • Adjustable screens integrated into the front seat backrests
  • Seating systems with modular adjustment as well as numerous convenience features
  • Modular overhead console for controlling various functions
  • Door systems with integrated fold-out table
  • Intelligent flexible storage space solutions

source: Johnson Controls