Ariston was created on the occasion of the 2001 Detroit Motor Show. Ariston combined luxury and personalization options in the automotive interior. Advanced consumer research indicated new directions for luxury vehicles that have been integrated into the Ariston concept vehicle. Ariston demonstrated the promise and potential of redefined luxury. It was design redefinition built around 5 key principles:

  • Appreciation of occupants’ time constraints
  • Opportunities for self-expression
  • Multi-sensory environments
  • Minimalist design cues that are timeless
  • Simultaneously classic and contemporary

Ariston brought a new dimension in car luxury and a revolutionary perspective on the comfort and ease of future automotive interiors. “Free space” in the best sense of the word.


  • A new generation of luxury expression, based on the consumers’ insight
  • Innovative interior solutions for the future generation of luxury vehicles
  • Automobile interiors as active living space
  • The aesthetically pleasing and spacious interior offers 4 unique micro-environments
  • Significantly enhanced passenger comfort and well-being

Product Highlights

  • B-pillarless design creates a feeling of spaciousness
  • Comfortable seats with armchair and sofa look
  • Rear compartment uses trunk area to provide extended leg room
  • Upholstered armrest in door panel continues the seat design
  • Harmonious integration of climate control and seat adjustment in seat design
  • Horizontal adjustment and recline function increase the rear passengers’ comfort
  • Fold-out table on driver seat back turns rear compartment into an office
  • Ambient lighting in headliner and doors improve the passengers’ well-being
  • Appropriate choice of new materials enhances the ambient quality
  • Reduced and clear driver information significantly avoids any distraction of the driver


source: Johnson Controls