Bentley Project Hunaudieres - A Sports Car Study

GENEVA, March 9 -- On the 9th of March, 1999, Bentley Motor Cars presented a new sports car study at the Geneva Motor Show.  The vehicle is known as Project Hunaudieres.  This vehicle study explores future directions for the Bentley marque.  At the same time, a 16-cylinder engine is being presented in Project Hunaudieres for the first time -- a technological milestone in conjunction with unique Bentley characteristics.

"When we first started to explore future directions for the Bentley marquee one direction thought most appropriate was what we would call today a supercar," explained Tony Gott, acting chief executive.  "The Bentley 'blower' of the 1920s the R Type Continental of the 1950s and the current Continental R and T with their 420 Bhp and 170 mph top speed, are all supercars of their time.  This is Bentley territory."

The name "Hunaudieres" recalls the famous straight on the Le Mans Circuit, where the Bentley legend was born with five victories in the "vingt quatre heures du Mans" in the 1920s.

The 16-cylinder engine with a capacity of 8 litres has an output of 463 kW/623 bhp at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 760 Nm (561 lb ft).  The engine is made up of two banks of eight cylinders which are fitted at an angle of 72 degrees in a "W" form, based on the VR principle with a cylinder angle of 15 degrees.  It was developed with the aim of combining a high level power output with specific characteristics of the Bentley marque.

Carbon fibre and alloy materials are the basic elements of the body of Project Hunaudieres.  They produce a successful synthesis of modern design and comfort in this vehicle.

The interior is made up of a combination of three colours and materials.

Nubuck and Connolly leather in dark green and tan and engine-turned aluminium, the surface treatment of which mirrors the aluminium used for some of the external parts such as the spoilers, bumpers and the entry area.

The running gear -- with anti-roll bars and double wishbones at the front and rear offers a sporting ride matched with high levels of comfort.

Additional transverse links on the rear axle complement these requirements.  A permanent four-wheel drive with central viscous coupling guarantees a smooth power transmission.  The 20 inch tyres have been specially produced (265/30 at the front and 335/30 at the rear).

SOURCE: Bentley

Engine & performance:

Position: mid engine

Type: W16 Capacity: 8004 cc

Power: 623 hp

Torque: 760 Nm

Drive: 4WD

Top speed: 350 km/h


Length: 4432 mm

Width: 1985 mm

Height: 1192 mm