X-Gene Press Letter 2011/4/19

AVANT GT Touring with EV, T-Solution

AVANT GT is an EV shooting-break for premium taste.

AVANT ranks for advance & pioneer.

GT, usually as Grand Turismo, here also means "Gene" & "Touring".

It inspire our slogan of 2011 Shanghai Autoshow to be "Touring with EV, T-Solution".

- Solution architect is X-Gene,

- Solution partners are Delta, Wistron & Qisda.

- Solution advisor is iDSoftCapital.

These are all Taiwan-based teams, it's one key point for "T-solution".

Another key point is the innovation of our T-type layout of motor with transhaft & T-type layout of battery pack.

One thing more important than battery.

We believe the technology of battery will get improvement in the future, which will take much resource than estimated. Therefore, there should be something more important than it, it's the architecture of EV. Floor-mounted battery pack & Middle mounted motor combine with rear axle to make the car in excellent low gravity center which is nature for good drivibility and the weight distribution of AVANT GT is 49 : 51 (front & rear). Aluminum Spaceframe is well beded for battery location & as strong structure for passengers inside, it also contribute the lightening of body, total weight of AVANT GT is1600kg, which can be deduct further while body panel change into carbon fiber.

Safety is priority

X-Gene works with Altair together to ensure the safety of AVANT GT.

Aero Drag of AVANT GT is as good as 0.305 drag coefficient (Cd ) through Aero drag evalution.

Based on vehicle standard specification, various CAE evaluation for full vehicle crash, BIW optimization, NVH, Stiffiness, Duribility analysis and K&C analysis for Vehicle Dynamic have been proven in preliminary stage.

Series of Topology optimization have been implement and we find the best result from BIW to components of suspension,

Stable and reliable power unit

Delta's power units contain Motor, Motor driver, Battery pack and Charger on-board which are taylor made for the demand of AVANT GT. Lithium battery pack power the PMSM motor and it provides a direct and efficient drive through a single speed gear system connected to the drive train which is integrated by X-Gene, .

Smart vehicle design

The major difference of EV is that all message from devices should be aligned.

Qisda's LCD Meter Display with qualified-vehicle-specification can show not only vehicle information in realtime through CAM communication, but also possibly to be customized for different requirement. The Touchscreen Infotainment by Wistron provide both multi information & entertainment for passengers. This is on the developing trend of HMI.

Exterior Design

AVANT GT, as an EV shooting-break for premium taste, it's a cross between a coupe & an estate. The roof line like a a drawn bow, the special slim line, descending roof architecture of the AVANT GT, the sculptural surface,from any angle it blends harmoniously into the overall design. It's easy to recognize the EV face when first seeing the eyes of AVANT GT, The front-end is characterized by the no-grille-design & the design cue of the X-Gnen brand. It facilitates the long and well-proportioned hood and dynamic body shape. Muscular shoulders over the rear wheels result in the shape of rear lamps, with a duck-tail flipping, again repeat the the X-design philosophy in the rear facia. Fully demonstrate the product positioning of low-profile luxury & premium elegance.

Interior Design

Inheriting the simplicity and delicacy of exterior, the interior design has developed towards premium and simple style. With agile application of layer design in modern architecture, The integrated and coherent design for Central Armrest and Control Panel, together with the Meter Cluster, has created an independent atmosphere within the driver cabin. The horizontally extending interior space upgrade the cozies by a theater-like surrounded holding. Inspired by the future of renewable energy, the interface has an emphasis of human technology. The digital meter display provide the overview information driver may need for a EV. The touch-screen of Infotainment is versatile, passenger can have entertainment for music or vedio, access navigation, or make a call , browse for website to enrich the joyful experience within the touring.

X-GENE AVANT GT Specifications


Layout Rear: Wheel Drive

Transmission: Motor Direct Drive

Tire: 215/55/R17


Body: Type 5-Door 5-Seat Shooting Break

Length: 4550 mm

Width: 1820 mm

Height: 1507 mm

Wheelbase: 2820 mm

Front Wheel Tread: 1630 mm

Rear Wheel Tread: 1602 mm

Curb Weight: 1600 kg


Power unit EV

Motor: 100 kW

Max. Torque: 38.8 kg-m

Cooling: Air

Battery: 21 kW/h

Cooling: Air


Acceleration: 0-100km/h 11 sec

Top Speed: 140 km/h

Cruising Range: 130 km

SOURCE: Studio X-Gene

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