Franco Sbarro presents his latest model – the Sbarro JACLYN

Franco Sbarro, an unique character in the automotive world, has been building his own cars for 55 years. He attended his first Geneva Motor Show in 1973, so this year marks a significant anniversary for this motor car devotee. For the occasion, he has built and intends to display a targa, the Sbarro JACLYN, which was built in his workshops in Grandson, in the Yverdon region.

The vehicle was commissioned by a Swiss businessman, who, together with his daughter Jaclyn, was involved in drafting the lines of the targa. The Sbarro JACLYN incorporates the legacy of 50 years of car construction at the Ateliers de Construction Automobiles (ACA) Sbarro. It embodies the different influences of the coach-builder, from the sleek lines of the racing GTs of the sixties to the muscular shapes of today’s supercars. Designed for the pure pleasure of riding with the wind in your hair, it does not however forget to leave space for passenger comfort and relaxation.

The Sbarro JACLYN at a glance:

Body style: Targa

Power plant: Ford V8, supercharged, 400 hp

OZ wheels: Front 9x20 Rear 12X20

Brakes: Brembo competizion

Seats: Recaro Sportster CS