Rinspeed Viper Veleno

The "viper", translated from Latin, is a member of the adder, of the class of poisonous snakes. It is easily recognized by the erectable venom-teeth and her intensive green color. "Veleno" is derived from the Italian language and means "poison".

In the same aggressive green color this years world novelty of the Swiss car customizer RINSPEED, based in Zumikon near Zurich, is presented:


The base car, successor of the legendary classic of American "muscle-cars" named AC Cobra, is a Dodge Viper RT/10. This dream car of the nineties, so far built only in a very small volume of a few hundred units, was individually customized with many new components.

Already at first sight the unusual viper-green color distinguishes this car from others, especially as all originals came only in red. The strong effect underlines the aggressive lines of the body to its best. The front with its altered front skirt, the rear view mirrors on the windshield frame, the futuristically styled rear roll protection with the integrated rear lights and the modified rear end make the car even more desirable without distorting its original character.

The original one piece wheels were exchanged for three piece O.Z. wheels of the dimensions 10½x18" in front and 13½x18" in the rear. Enormous Pirelli P Zero tires (275/35-18 front and 335/30-18 rear) improve the handling and traction abilities.

New trends are set with the interior set-up. Instead of the traditional leather upholstery, the seats, door panels and the dashboard are covered with a new material called "Vinerus". "Vinerus" is a specially manufactured high-quality artificial material which is used by the well-known Maison Mollerus Inc (Zurich and Dusseldorf) for their collection of hand bags and traveling luggage. The advantage of this material is not only in its exclusive appearance but also in its weather fitness and sturdiness. It combines the elegant with the useful to a personal touch. The instrument panel and the center console are painted in the cars color to give it a high-tech look.

The revolutionary, integrated CD-changer by Alpine is controlled without distortion from driving by a touch of a button from the steering wheel.

The latest cellular phone from Nokia Mobiles phones, the model 121 with its feather weight of only 275 grams and its power of up to 6 watts (with a booster) being the lightest and most mobile unit in the world, solves all telecommunication problems.

The engine, with its ten cylinders and eight liters of volume being the biggest production unit in the world, is improved by a electronically controlled nitro-(NO2)-oxide-injection. The power output is thereby increased from 400 to 550 hp and the torque is raised to an incredible 820 Nm. The exhaust gases are routed through two catalytic converters to the side of the car.

source: Rinspeed