Zero emissions - fuel cell - hydrogen. Terms which are currently hotly discussed in relation to sustainable mobility.

During the course of a development project, ESORO dealt in-depth with specific implementation of various ideas. The result was: the HyCar, a fully operable concept vehicle with fuel cell drive train and battery in a hybrid configuration. With its top speed of 120 km/h and range of approx. 360 km, the HyCar is more than a match for traffic - and is almost absolutely silent. The HyCar is fuelled with gaseous hydrogen and the only "waste gas" produced is water vapour.

HyCar is a fully functional concept car - Driven by a fuel cell system and a battery in hybrid configuration.

The entire project was realized by ESORO from first concepts to the operating vehicle, evaluation of the components, simulation, virtual mock-up, system integration, design of the control system, stationnary and mobile testing etc.

Hycar is used for know-how generation and demonstrates the possibilities of this promising technology.

Characteristics      HyCar in the traffic

Speed: 120 km/h
Range: approx. 360 km
curb weight: 1160 kg
Fuel cell system: 5 kW at > 40% efficiency
Tank: 80 kWh hydrogen
Battery: 23 kWh NaNiCl
Engine: 35 kW asynchronous with 90 Nm
Transmission ratio: 10:1

source: Esoro