The H301 family is the hybrid limousine version of the E301. The TWIN TRAK plug-in hybrid system of parallel configuration, developed and patented by ESORO, serves as the drive. In built-up areas, the vehicle is operated purely electrically and, as of approx. 50 km/h, the internal-combustion engine cuts in. The interior comfortably accommodates four persons - even large persons - and the hybrid drive means that even long trips are no longer a problem. The H301 was referred to as the first Hypercar in the "Factor 4" book by Weizäcker/Lovins owing to its low consumption amounting to just a little more than 2 litres/100 km.

The H301 is used in traffic virtually every day. The spacious interior, its low-noise propulsion system and certain comfort and convenience features such as heatable seats and windscreen, provide the driver with a pleasant road feel and make the car suitable for everyday use.

TWIN TRAK ™ is a parallel hybrid drive consisting of an electric motor as the main drive and a low-horsepower petrol engine (plug-in hybrid). The latter supplies basic power which just suffices for uniform driving on overland sections. The electric motor then controls the dynamics and allows the brake energy to be recovered. The TWIN TRAK™ manages without a shiftable transmission and thus represents the simplest possible hybrid configuration.

The TWIN TRAK™ was developed with the assistance of the BfE (Swiss Federal Energy Authority).
Detailed information is provided in the following article, published in "Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology 96" .

    Dimensions & weights: curb weight: 720 kg Payload: 200 kg Aerodynamic drag dw: 0.24 Batteries: LiIon recharchable batteries, 100 kg Drive system: Twin Trak parallel hybrid Output: 40 kW weight: 97 kg Driving Performance: Top speed: 120 km/h Acceleration 0-50: <5 s Range,electric >100 km Range hybrid @ 90 km/h > 800 km Range hybrid @ 120 km/h > 500 km Energy demand: ECE elektiric 9 kW/100km (0 l/100km) @ 90 km/h 2.6l/100km (0 kWh/100km) @ 120 km/h 3.9l/100km (0 kWh/100km)    

source: Esoro