Original name: 쌍용 자동차CCR-1

CCR-1, an exhaust and noise-free electric automobile with an urban feeling, is the first vehicle mounted with upper/lower operation door in Korea. CCR-1 was first displayed in Seoul Motor Show as a result of 3 years' development from April 1993. Once charged, it is able to drive up to 200km and at top speed120km/h, proving much superiority to previous electric automobiles with low performance in driving distance at one charge, speed and slope driving.

CCR-1 is an ultra-light vehicle, but at the same time it yields a high torque and RPM, as a vehicle operating based on 50H.p. MPBLS (Multi Phrase Bipolar Brushless) DC motor and direct coupling. Also it is equipped with electric automobile tires of 195/65 VR15 with ASF (Aluminum Space Frame) and FRP body to maximize the vehicle's endurance and minimize its weight.

Also, the parts are recyclable and designed to meet the needs of female and old and feeble drivers, fulfilling the expectations for future automobiles.

source: SsangYong

Engine & performance:

Type: electric

Power: 50 hp

Torque: 196 Nm

Drive: RWD

Top speed: 120 km/h


Length: 4290 mm

Width: 1840 mm

Height: 1300 mm

Weigth: 1212 kg