Original name: スバル R2 プロトタイプ


Intelligence, Sensibility and Independence. Derived from these keywords, the R2 is a fashionable, lively car that makes the driver's life affluent.

The R2's packaging is aimed at uniting the emotional values (styling), functional values (gas mileage and performance) and current values (environment and safety).

"Sporty and Elegant" exterior represents freedom, individuality and sculptural beauty, while the interior expresses high quality and peaceful space. To further enhance the small car's inherent benefits such as resource- and energy-saving properties, extensive weight reduction was carried out on the R2. The chassis members have most advantageous forms, and body panels with optimal curve are used for increased strength.

In spite of its light weight, the R2 also features many safety measures. They include improved offset crash performance, smooth interior design for reduced whiplash injuries and optimal body form for pedestrian protection.

The inline, 4-cylinder DOHC naturally aspirated engine with AVCS was newly developed for the R2. Combined with the "intelligent" CVT, the engine offers top-of-the-range fuel efficiency among small and ultracompact cars.

The electronically controlled throttle and optimal steering gear ratio provide easy yet confidence-boosting driving even for entry drivers. The Mechanical Super Charger-engined R2 has a 7-speed Sportshift with adaptable control and i-CVT to pursue the sheer joy of driving.

The R2's exquisite build can be perceived immediately, and gives the car a timeless, strong, and tangible presence.


The R2 styling is derived from the three keywords, "Emotional," "Sporty" and "Functional," and represents Subaru's new design trends.

The "One-Motion Form" flowing from the front end to the roof provides a simple and attractive form.

The front face uses the images of aircraft as its motif.

The side view has three distinctive properties: First, the raised rear end of the side glass. Second, the large-diameter tires that suggest Subaru performance and a matching large arch at the fenders. Third is the conspicuous side protectors that adorn the side panels. These elements add the image of very high performance to the R2' exterior design.

The interior is designed to offer an image of quality. The instrument panel features a shift lever situated at the dashboard, is intended to provide better man-machine interface.

The body and interior coloring are carefully coordinated to clearly represent "Sportiveness" and "Elegance."



3395 mm



1475 mm



1525 mm



2360 mm


Tire size

155/60 R16


Engine type

inline 4-cylinder, DOHC 16-valve, supercharged



660 cc

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