Original name: スバル R1e


Designed for ease-of-parking urban use but with a sporty stance which hints at high-grip roadholding, the 2+2 R1e is shorter than conventional Japanese minicars. It uses an Electric Vehicle power unit comprising a high-performance battery and advanced power control technology aimed at caring for the environment. The light, compact, brushless motor uses a high-energy manganese lithium-iron battery which can be re-charged via a single-phase 200V AC outlet such as that used in the air-conditioning units of many Japanese homes.

SOURCE: Subaru



Developing Concepts

An ideal EV for urban life

There are many tasks for a car to match the urban lifestyle. Urban life is convenient, but there are many problems such as chronic traffic jams and heat-island phenomenon. Subaru thought that a small electric vehicle could solve these problems and best fits the environment-conscious urban life. The R1e is an embodiment of this concept and features a minimal but convenient 2+2 layout. Its packaging will fit the typical urban single- and two-person life. The small size offers easy parking on narrow city roads and nimble, quick performances -- very important elements in urban life. The new power source utilizing high-performance battery and advanced power control technology realizes a ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle), an ideal form of urban mini vehicle. Battery-charging time has been significantly shortened and convenience is improved by fully utilizing the benefits of a high-performance battery.


The R1e's styling represents the joy of driving a superb compact car. Parting with the stereotype that the ultracompact car size limitation should be used to the maximum, Subaru has pursued a packaging ideal for the city commuter. As a result, a body that is shorter than standard ultra-compacts is created with intense and energetic styling that cannot be overlooked on the roads despite its small size.

The side surfaces suggesting nimble performance, the smooth flow of the line from the sides to the dynamic rear, and the light yet functional cockpit suggest ideas for Subaru design trends to come.A bright yellow body color was chosen for the image of R1e running vigorously on the city; it actually matches with the interior very well.


EV system

Uses a light, compact brushless motor with high output and excellent reliability and NLE's manganese lithium-ion battery. Battery charging is done by taking the electric power out of the single-phase 200V AC outlet which is generally used for home air conditioners. The motor's output is delivered to the driving wheels through reduction gear, so easy driving like AT-equipped cars without any gear-changing shocks is obtained.

The R1e has two pedals -- throttle and brake -- just like normal AT cars. In addition, the use of creep control* provides easier starting for uphill and garage parking, enhancing driving ease in actual daily use. Steering is assisted by an electric motor. Power source capacity is ample enough to drive the audio system, air-conditioner and G-BOOK** savvy navigation system.

*Creeping. A characteristic phenomenon to AT cars which moves the car forward very slowly. Has been reproduced.

**G-BOOK is a registered trademark of TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION.



3330 mm


1550 mm


1420 mm


2195 mm

Tire size

185/50 R16

Min. ground clearance

150 mm

Number of passengers





Permanent-magnet synchronous motor

Control system


Operating voltage


Max. Output

40 kW


Reduction gear(single-speed fixed)


MnLi ion





AC input phase


Input voltage




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