Original name: スバル G4e

The G4e Concept is a futuristic environment-friendly concept electric vehicle (EV).

  • The traditional perception of electric vehicles’ being “heavy” and “cramped” is reversed by realizing packaging which accommodates five passengers, with batteries stored underneath the floor.
  • An image of heading toward the future is expressed by the triangle-shaped body.
  • Thanks to the adoption of high-performance next-generation lithium-ion batteries and lightened body weight, FHI expects this EV to be able to travel 200 kilometers per charge.

SOURCE: Subaru. Please mention www.allcarindex.com if you use this text.

With a sporty and dynamically styled body that defies the conventional image of eco-cars, this next generation compact EV* is loaded with a newly developed battery and has achieved more than double the range of the current advanced EV “R1e”

*EV: Electric Vehicle

Aim of Development

With an innovative compact body suggestive of the near future, the G4e Concept is a new eco-car from Subaru equipped with zero-emission technology.

Subaru is actively researching and developing EV, such as the R1e being developed jointly with Tokyo Electric Power Company. Noteworthy among developments by Subaru is a new battery using vanadium that makes it possible to significantly increase range by increasing energy density.

G4e ‒ Green for the earth ‒ Subaru will continue to actively develop automobiles that are friendly to the environment.


Amidst diversifying lifestyles, we aspire for a lifestyle with automobiles to become more accessible and exciting. Our aim is to combine a spacious interior with a sporty exterior look while maintaining the compact size.


The triangular shape in its silhouette is representative of the image of high performance and moving toward the future. Functional parts such as the headlights were also coordinated with a mechanical design, to suggest excitement toward the future. The triangular shaped body that is suggestive of motion is also functional, achieving coefficient of drag (Cd) value of 0.276 to reduce energy loss. The rear view camera integrated with the metallic trim of the A-pillar is designed as a wedge that takes and stops the flow of the trim for a look of momentum. A charging connecter that can be used both at home and for fast-charging is positioned on the bottom center of the front bumper.


The trim and seats are based in red and white to create a colorful and uplifting atmosphere. The space is suggestive of VIP box seats in an opera theater. We have designed this with the image of two friendly couples freely maneuvering the surrounding environment from the various situations unfolding in front of them and information conveyed through a large display screen. The display linking the front window and the floor via the center of the instrument panel is the image of a dynamically flowing waterfall, symbolizing the exciting interior of this car.

Main Features

Packaging that is beyond the expectation to an EV and good driving performance

While the G4e Concept is designed to fit within the Japanese compact segment, we have secured the largest wheel base of its class (2,650mm) and succeeded in creating flat and spacious floor space by storing the battery completely underneath the floor. Despite being an EV, the interior is roomy and comfortable and can seat five people.

Loading the heavyweight battery under the floor also offers the benefit of lowering the center of gravity. Combined with a lighter exclusive aluminum chassis, the weight is well balanced in the front and back so that drivers have full control of the vehicle.

A new battery that dramatically extends range

The source of power for the G4e Concept is a new Next Generation lithium-ion battery developed exclusively by Subaru. With technology to efficiently load our original high-capacity vanadium material that can store two to three times more lithium ions than conventional materials onto the positive terminal, energy density is about double that of manganese lithium-ion batteries of the same weight. Combining this with a lighter vehicle body and improved electricity efficiency technology, about 200 km of travel is possible with one battery charge. There is also no maintenance involved.

A 15-minute quick charge is possible at charging stations

Batteries can be charged fully in about 8 hours from a home AC power source. The cost of electricity is approximately one-third of gasoline. If it is charged only in the night while discount rate is offered, it would cost just one-tenth, making this very economical. With charging stations installed in urban locations such as supermarkets, hospitals, and public facilities, an 80% quick charge would be possible in 15 minutes, so the battery can be charged during a quick shopping trip or while taking a break. Your range of activities can expand with everyday driving using the air conditioner as well as day-trip drives with family and friends.



3985 mm



1695 mm



1570 mm



2650 mm


Tire size

195/55 R17


Seating capacity (persons)



Running distance per one charge

200 km



Permanent-magnet type synchronous motor





Max output

65 kW


Battery type

Next Generation Lithium-ion battery






80%/15min (with high-power quick charger)
100%/8hrs. (with onboard charger)

SOURCE: Subaru. Please mention www.allcarindex.com if you use this text.