Original name: ニッサン ネイルズ

A funky two-seater.

Nails suggests "street pickup styling".

Loaded with unique ideas, the Nails concept car is a "fun-to-use" vehicle, evoking a new sensation to match the sensibilities of today's fashion conscious youth.

Designed and engineered with "booster" as its theme, the Nails concept suggests new, flexible ways of using vehicles as "a tool for communicating with friends", rather than simply as "a means of transportation". The Nails concept integrates advanced communications tools including cellular phones. This concept can be used either as an exciting two-seater or as a light pickup in whatever creative way one might desire.

The vehicle has outrageous looks and a stunning character that will invariably catch the eye of everyone around town. It is capable of withstanding rough use without complaining. The Nails is designed to be a good friend with whom one feels completely at ease.

Bold new exterior design

Simple yet with eye-stopping proportions

The vehicle layout, with the wheels/tires positioned at the four corners, achieves an exceptionally efficient use of space in the compact body. This emphasis on the wheels/tires imparts a sense of boldness.

The pickup styling of the Nails concept features a unique construction formed by placing an A-shaped cabin frame on the low floor that runs from the cabin along the length of the bed.

Various body panels such as the hood, fenders and doors are given a treatment to allow rough use without being concerned about scratches or dents. The front mask incorporates a novel sensation in its skeletal design that seemingly allows a peek at the mechanicals over the tops of colored glasses.

Another unique form is suggested by the integrated appearance of the tires and wheels, giving the impression of being "rubber-faced wheels".

Tough, versatile open luggage area

The Nails concept design allows large, heavy items, such as surfboards or off-road bikes, to be transported easily, thanks to its flat bed and foldable rear gate. A "soft rear partition" that is opened or closed by hooks and fasteners is provided between the cabin and the bed. The flat floor connecting the bed and the cabin makes it easy to carry long items.

Interior designed forirtual communication

The instrument panel is designed in a distinct arch shape that is unusual in an instrument panel. Positioned in the center of the instrument panel is a large multifunction screen that displays all the necessary information.

Another novel feature of the Nails concept is "cellular phone pocket" which boosts function of cellular phone of a owner of the car. When the owner inserts his or her cellular phone in the pocket provided in the center of the instrument panel, personal data and vehicle data are linked and the system turns on.

A driver can have a conversation with multiple friends by cellular phone, seeing these their pictures and checking information of each one displayed in the screen. This will make a driver feel like they are along for the ride.

Mode selections or changes are easily made by the four switches in the center of the instrument panel.

The Nails concept suggests a novel way of using a vehicle as a new type of communications terminal.

The "comb-frame seat" is constructed as if the teeth of two combs were alternately intertwined. It flexibly converts from a bench seat to a single seat by increasing the overlap of the comb teeth.

The steering wheel has been designed with rubber grips to match the rubber-faced road wheel design.


Overall Length (mm)


Overall width (mm)


Overall height (mm)


Seating capactity


Wheelbase (mm)


Track front/rear (mm)


Drive configuration







Double wishbone/Double wishbone

Tire front/rear

195/60 R18


SOURCE: Nissan