Mazda VISION COUPE concept

Mazda VISION COUPE leads the way for next-generation Mazda design

With its next-generation design, which is rooted in Japanese aesthetic sensibilities, Mazda is striving for an elegant and refined style that conveys unaffected vitality. The origins of elegance in Mazda design can be traced back to the R360 Coupe and Luce Rotary Coupe. In an age preoccupied with efficiency, great effort was devoted to creating beautiful proportions for these two coupes. The playful warmth and beauty they expressed became the cornerstone of Mazda’s expression of elegance.

The Mazda VISION COUPE builds on this heritage in proposing the company’s next-generation design. The “coupe” naming pays tribute to its pedigree of elegance and sets the stage for a new start for KODO design.

A distinctive form that embodies Japanese aesthetic sensibilities and a new expression of elegance

The Mazda VISION COUPE adopts the basic form of a flowing four-door coupe. Its proportions conform to the golden ratio of classic coupe design with the cabin positioned toward the rear of the body. The silhouette hints of powerful forward momentum, creating the impression of a high-performance machine.

In pursuing this expression, the VISION COUPE forgoes the rhythmical motion that prior iterations of KODO design emphasized in body styling. It opts instead for a simple form that strips away all non-essential elements to embody a “less is more” aesthetic.

A powerful axis runs from the badge on the grille through to the one at the rear, evoking the look and feel of supple steel. All movements centre on this vector, creating a “one motion form” that is extraordinarily simple yet conveys a sense of speed.

The sharp and powerful highlight on the body shoulder is the primary focus of this model’s design and imparts a dignified air of tension. The sides of the body are crafted to present linear transitions in light and shadow that change continuously in conjunction with the car’s motion. This subtle movement of light and shadow makes the Mazda VISION COUPE look truly alive.

The Mazda VISION COUPE aims to embody Japanese aesthetics and give form to a unique Mazda expression of elegance. The challenge in designing this concept model was to achieve a simple form upon which sharp, powerful highlights contrast against subtle transitions of light to create a new sense of vitality.

Spatial harmony based on the concept of ma

The interior space design applies the traditional Japanese architectural concept of ma, the meticulous use of space to create atmosphere. The intentional use of spaces between components such as the instrument panel, door trim and centre console introduces ma and encourages a flow of air between them. This creates the impression of a space that flows in the direction of the car’s motion, gently embracing occupants, yet without any sense of confinement.

Also wanting to create a connection between driver and car that is like that of a rider and his or her horse, Mazda strove to establish the appropriate relationship between driver and the controls with which he or she interacts. One example is in the way the driver touches the centre console to call up information on the display. This could be compared to the way a rider communicates with the horse by stroking its mane and back. Implementation of such unique, intuitive methods for strengthening the bond between driver and car helps express the Jinba Ittai experience.