Original name: レクサス2054


Making its UK debut at the Birmingham International Motor Show is a radical new Lexus concept sports car. But it’s unlikely to be seen in any showroom for at least 50 years. The car is designed to be the personal transportation of Tom Cruise, the star of Steven Spielberg’s film ‘Minority Report.’ The film is an action-detective thriller set in Washington, D.C. in 2054, where police utilize a psychic technology to arrest and convict murderers before they commit their crime. Cruise plays the head of this pre-crime unit and is himself accused of the future murder of a man he hasn't even met.

To visualise automotive transportation for this futuristic setting, director Steven Spielberg turned to Lexus. "I’ve been driving a Lexus RX300," said Spielberg "And I thought Lexus might be interested in going into a speculative future to see what the transportation systems and cars would look like on our highways in 50 years. The result of that exploration is something that elevates and transforms driving into an environmental experience."

Cruise’s transportation in the city is handled by a vast computer-controlled urban magnetic levitation system (MAG-LEV) with a Lexus-designed personal transport pod that is supported and propelled by magnetic fields. However for scenes calling for Cruise’s character to drive outside the city limits, a radical red sports car was designed and tailor-built to fit the star. The Lexus sports coupe is more similar to present-day vehicles—featuring the familiar four wheels and designed to be driven on a traditional road system.

This ultimate Lexus of the future is designed as a high-performance, two-seat personal sports car with a muscular design and the ultimate in cab-forward seating. The carbon fibre and titanium composite monocoque body and chassis features a curved low line with faired wheels, aggressive lines and proportions so unexpected that, at first glance, it’s not entirely evident which end is the front and which is the rear.

Technically, this conceptual sports car features a ‘smart-rechargeable’ electric engine developing 500kW, heads-up instrumentation with night vision and organic recognition capability, colour-selectable body panels (changeable with a simple owner voice command), with a dent-resistant shape thanks to ‘memory metal’ and a personal DNA recognition entry and ignition system. A further refinement is auto valet— that allows the car to drop the owner off at a desired location, park itself for recharging or servicing and arrive for owner pick-up when required at a commanded location.

"We were very flattered when Steven Spielberg decided that the future of the car lies with us. As the youngest premium car brand, we have always questioned the accepted norms of the car industry, from how we make our cars, and how we orientate our products to our customers; the results speak for themselves, and Steven Spielberg obviously agrees with our vision of what personal transport really means.", said Kirk Edmondson, General Manager of Lexus Division.




Power source

Smart recharging electric motor


Max. power (kW)





Type (front/rear)

Titanium composite, fully-independent double-wishbone with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), and speed-sensitive Automatic Height Control (AHC)




Type (front/rear)

Computer-controlled, servo/electronic, ceramic hybrid discs, and Regenerative Electric System to charge all systems


Wheels and Tyres



6-Spoke, Titanium Alloy, C-TEK Wheels, 22x9.5-inch



High-Speed Run-Flat Tires, 285/30R22





Carbon fiber and titanium composite monocoque


Dimensions an weight


Length (mm)



Width (mm)



Wheelbase (mm)



Kerb weight (kg)


Advanced features

  • Heads-Up instrumentation with Night Vision and Organic Recognition capability
  • Colour-impregnated, carbon composite body panels with dent-resistant memory
  • Body conforming bucket seats with automatic heating and cooling functions
  • Laser Guided Cruise Control
  • Stereolithography formed body panels
  • Body panel colours selectable by owner voice recognition
  • All systems fully computer-controlled with Voice-Activated and Gesture-Recognition capability
  • All rearward vision via cameras rather than mirrors
  • Sonar Parking Assist
  • Switchable-tint glass all-around with solar panel glass in roof
  • Retractable solar body panels for recharging and interior climate control during parking
  • Information system display doubles as owner-recognizable personal computer
  • DNA Recognition Entry and Ignition System: Via sensory intelligence, the system allows owner to enter and start vehicle.
  • Accident Avoidance System: Infrared technology senses what’s ahead to warn of impending danger. Sonar parking assist and rearward vision cameras. Dent resistant memory metal protects exterior from dents and/or scratches.
  • Self-Diagnosis System: Car automatically detects and alerts any mechanical or electrical problems. Voice-Activated Concierge Service will schedule necessary service appointments. A Lexus representative will travel to owner’s preferred location to service the car.
  • Auto Valet: Once the car drops the owner off, it then parks to recharge (its retractable solar body panels automatically adjust to accommodate recharging). Upon remote command, the car will arrive at requested location.
  • Global Digital Entertainment System (with Universal Translator and Personal Digital Recorder): Comprehensive music library, archived with a global directory; updates daily via cyber connection. The system alerts to breaking news, weather, stock, and/or sports reports, based on personal profile data.
  • Voice-Activated Concierge Service (with Internet Search): Reserves restaurant, hotel and entertainment events via voice command.
  • Weather Sensitive Response System: Solar panel triggers automatic window tint, adjusting the level of bright light to the driver’s sensitivity. Tire traction adjusts automatically to road conditions. 

source: Lexus