Daihatsu to exhibit the Kopen, Deca Deca and more at the Tokyo Motor Show

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) will be exhibiting at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, which will be open to the public at Tokyo Big Sight from Friday, November 22 to Sunday, December 1. As well as premiering four new show cars (three models) for the first time anywhere in the world, Daihatsu will also be exhibiting one car scheduled for release (one model), seven production cars and various other technologies.

Based on the overall theme of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show – “Compete! And shape a new future.” – Daihatsu will be playing to its strengths by showcasing the fun and the wide range of possibilities that mini vehicles offer, under the banner, “PLAY Tomorrow! Exploring the further possibilities of mini vehicles.” It will be exhibiting cars and technologies that capture the near future, paving the way for a better life and a brighter tomorrow for people all over the world.

As well as offering improved performance as an open-top sports car, the Kopen in particular is a car that offers new value in a different form. The outer body panels made from resin can be exchanged like a cover, and drivers can enjoy different designs based on a single framework.

Daihatsu will be showcasing two of these designs at the motor show, one with a “Stylish & Emotional” exterior and the other with “Tough & Aggressive” styling.

The Deca Deca, meanwhile, proposes a new category of vehicles called “super space”.

Combining a commanding view from the front seats on a par with a van with a large interior utility space, it was developed for energetic young people and families who enjoy outdoor pursuits during the weekend, and also for active seniors.

The FC Deco Deck on the other hand has been developed as a zero-emission next generation mobility vehicle. Equipped with a unique precious metal-free liquid fuel cell system developed by Daihatsu, it falls within standards for mini vehicles. Daihatsu will also be exhibiting two types of generators based on the same fuel cell system: FC-Dock 20C and the FC-Dock 5C. These are technologies that will open up new possibilities for the energy society of the future, offering security and freedom.

Daihatsu will also be showcasing the Tanto Welcome Seat, a welfare vehicle scheduled for release based on the new Tanto, which was launched in October this year.


(1) Kopen future included Rmz

(2) Kopen future included Xmz (cross-m-z)

Based on the concept of a “New Fun+ open-top sports car with a new feel”, the Kopen is a lightweight open-top sports car with an entirely new form. Featuring body panel designs that can be removed and replaced like a cover, it offers drivers a new way of enjoying their car. It also offers an improved drive thanks to its framework and structure. The result is the ultimate new experience; a car that is both a pleasure to drive and own.

Rmz and Xmz: Two proposals

* Rmz design features

- Unique “Stylish & Emotional” styling

- High quality interior using only the best materials

* Xmz design features

- “Tough & Aggressive” styling with a real presence, thanks to a combination of different materials and textures on the bodywork - Simple interior with a stripped back feel

FC Deco Deck

Zero-emission next generation vehicle with a liquid fuel cell system ideal for a mini vehicle The FC Deco Deck is equipped with a simple, compact and low-cost fuel cell generator that opens up new possibilities.

- Next generation fuel cell vehicle equipped with Daihatsu’s unique “precious metal-free liquid fuel cell” technology

- New compact fuel cell system ideal for a mini vehicle, using liquid fuel with high energy density

- New platform offering greater freedom, thanks to a compact fuel cell system that can be installed under the floor

- Low-cost fuel cell stack that is precious metal-free and helps save resources

FC-Dock: Proposing new possibilities for the fuel cell generator

- A simple, compact, low-cost generator which proposes a new way of using fuel cells.

- Uses a bottle replacement system to avoid direct contact with the fuel, making refueling simple and safe.

- Self-contained generator capable of starting up without external power, enabling it to supply power even in an emergency