First concept of the Ethos trilogy, a family of environmentally-friendly vehicles of different configuration, this spider shares, with the following coupé and city car versions, the aluminium space frame (Hydro Aluminium), the body in thermoplastic material (General Electric Plastics) and the innovative Orbital thermic engine with excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

source: Pininfarina

Engine & performance:

Position: mi-mounted, transversely

Type: Orbital, 2-stroke, 3-cylinders

Capacity: 1200 cc

Power: 95 hp @ 3500 rpm

Torque: 125 hp @ 3500 rpm

Drive: RWD


Length: 3630 mm

Width: 1660 mm

Height: 1050 mm

Wheelbase: 2300 mm

Weight: 700 kg