The ‘Navajo’ sees the start of a new period of cooperation Bertone-Alfa Romeo, a team has given birth to numerous world famous cars. Names like Giuletta Sprint, Camguro, Giulia GT, Carabo and Montreal are milestones in the development of sports cars.

Although its layout is deliberately extremist, the ‘Navajo’ represents a concrete idea for a sports coupe on the prestigious mechanics of Alfa 33.

The original tubular frame has been lengthened and suitably modified to provide more room for two passengers.

The wholly resin resin body and tubular frame ensure that the prototype is first class weight-rise. Bertone has given this prototype a highly aggressive layout, in line with what is suggested by the Alfa Romeo engineering. 

Engine powers keep increasing so Bertone designers have concentrated on the aerodynamic problems concreted with wheel grip rather than these involved in speed alone.

The ‘Navajo’ enjoys all the benefits of this intention as regards its design and accessory parts. The whole front of the car is tapered to cut lift to the minimum and the result is helped by a freshly designed rear spoiler. A special patented device (automatic and manual) regulated spoiler operation according to the car’s speed.

The rear panels of the ‘Navajo’ create an interesting styling motif and also provide solid support for an impressive variable inclination air foil whose purpose is to guarantee perfect rear wheel grip at high speeds.
For the ‘Navajo’, Bertone has designed completely new, extremely interesting instrumentation. All possible information the driver needs is clustered in one dial, i.e. revs, speed etc. but derived information too. So engine revs are related in a special chart to the power distributed and torque. Speed in correlated to braking distance in typical situations. The dial also gives the position of the front spoiler and acceleration (positive and/or negative) expressed in “G”. Of course it also gives basic information such as water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, etc.

The trip kilometer counter is reset by grazing a switch.

The retractable headlights lodged at the front and of the car and opening horizontally instead vertically, are an interesting detail. 

In short, the ‘Navajo’ is a new car idea of extreme interest. Bertone thus continues its tradition of commitment to the research and development of alternatives that are well ahead of the times.

(x) NAVAJO: A Red Indian tribe of the Apache family celebrated for their physical attributes and the refined elegance of their dress. The Navajo have an age-old tradition in the difficult art of weaving. 


Pirelli P7:

front: 235/45 VR 13
rear: 285/40 VR 15


Length: 3800 mm
Width: 1860 mm
Height: 1050 mm
Wheelbase: 2430 mm
Weight:870 kg