A New Compact SUV Concept Car

- Bold, elegant and sporty compact SUV

- Dynamic, smart-boosted new generation petrol engine

- Electric-4WD option

- Sub-4 metre long segment leading concept car

The Design Concept NEXON, a Compact SUV with a dynamic 1.2L Smart-Boosted petrol engine and electric rear wheel drive option for 4WD operation, brings another exciting and segment defining concept car from Tata Motors.

From the nimble performance of a boosted, yet refined, 3-cylinder petrol engine sporting an impressive 170 Nm torque, 110 PS power, a frugal fuel consumption of 17.6 KMPL, and 4WD manoeuvrability of the newly-developed electrically driven rear-wheel drive system- the Design Concept NEXON is destined to be a fun-to-drive vehicle for the discerning customers wishing to stand out from the crowd.

It is a modern, youthful and bold segment buster which cuts across a range of mundane 4- metre long SUVs to give a stylish and dynamic drive with a top speed of 180 KMPH on highways with an option of additional torque and 4WD manoeuvrability by the electric rear axle.

The Design Concept NEXON is inspired by city concrete greys contrasted against a sapphire blue sky, giving it a clean, minimalist and modern look. The bright blue exterior mirrors  the depth of a flawless gemstone, catching the light to reveal a vibrant and shimmering sapphire blue appearance. The interior contrasts a neutral grey and white lower environment with accents echoing the exterior colour harmoniously.

Carrying forward the distinctive signature DLO (day-light opening), created with the Megapixel Concept, and the speedy beltline that cuts horizontally to emphasise the floating roof, the Design Concept NEXON struts a slim and elongated body with a dynamic silhouette that emphasises the compact and sporty design. A bold new expression of the signature wrap-around mask, introduced in the Megapixel, elegantly encapsulates a more dominant front grille incorporating innovative lens-less LED lamps designed explicitly to maximise the visual width of the front end and imparting a more rugged expression.

The dynamic stance of the vehicle is further enhanced by a waterline that cuts through the lower body of the car with undercut surfaces that provide a visual lightness without the need for additional black cladding to hide the bulk of the vehicle. The muscular body is further enhanced by the prominent wheel arches and the 18-inch wheels, at each corner, giving the impression that the car is well and truly ready to 'NEXON'.

It’s exterior styling projects an image of style and agility with the aerodynamic front pillars providing a large windshield area for all-round visibility, complemented by the panoramic glass roof that creates a harmony between interior space and exterior light and sun thus,increasing the illusion of spaciousness. A double-sliding door system and the car’s B-pillar less design make entry/exit easy.

The India Global Jali pattern, now a distinctive Tata Motors design signature, is taken to new levels by linking the natural forms of Sound (door speakers pattern), Air (grill detail between IP upper and lower) and Light (roof obscuration detailing, exterior air inlet/outlet grill sections), culminating in detail around the exaggerated front fog lights, making this a truly unique design signature.

The uniquely proportioned cab forward design is a key signature for Tata Design that ensures class-leading interior occupancy and a dramatic and dynamic silhouette.  The Design Concept NEXON introduces a state-of-the-art innovative interior architecture, with a ‘floating’ instrument panel within a wrap-around tub, creating an ambience and perception of roominess within a minimal footprint.

The ‘Full Width’ instrument panel display screen features a segment-first rear projection, allowing both the driver and the passenger an easy access to information in a media-rich and stylish environment.

The cabin temperature is controlled via conditioned air exiting through full width slots between the IP upper and lower, thus improving ergonomics and space compared to conventional air outlets. The innovative interior theme is taken a step further with front seats mounted on a structural bridge connecting the sills and ingeniously aiding torsional rigidity, in the absence of B-Pillars, whilst maintaining a flat cabin floor for additional roominess. The rear seats can be folded to reveal a flat load space, which is easily configurable for versatile and convenient use or for outdoor activities equipment storage. The rich and harmonious interior design experience is completed by an interactive infotainment system and smart media controller, mounted between the front seats, providing intuitive and convenient access to vehicle systems.

The Design Concept NEXON challenges the current market assumptions and offers something Unique, Bold and Iconic which reaffirms Tata Motors’ product intent progression, kick-started with the Pixel and Megapixel concept cars for global markets, and reinforces the company’s future design direction. The youthful character of the Design Concept NEXON is further enhanced with the endless opportunities for customisation, from the upper grills to the beltline finisher. This is a unique asset, making the NEXON the first car in its category to offer this feature.