ConnectNext Concept

- Electric car with advanced interior features

- Rethinking the driving experience

- Cloud Connectivity to facilitate seamless home-to-car and car-to-home connectivity, for rear passengers

Tata Motors latest concept car, ‘ConnectNext’ aims to offer an incredibly new experience with great connectivity, simple, yet high-tech functionality and great electronics. As a reiteration of its commitment to offer best-in-class services to its customers the ConnectNext distils the fine points of auto design with cuts and lines to accentuate the modern India and its global citizens. Consumers expect their in-vehicle experience to be an integrated part of their digitally connected lifestyle and hence, require enhanced levels of connectivity and intelligence in their car.

ConnectNext car is a concept with advanced interiors. It is a spacious 5-seater electric vehicle which is four metres in length and boasts of a flexible layout. The car is fitted with floating seats with side-mounts to suit various usage requirements. The centre spine of the car is furnished with sliding seats and a conventional layout which adds to its luxurious interiors. These seats can be stacked up to allow maximum flexibility and comfortably accommodating all its passengers.

The car provides minimalistic driver interface along with an electric parking brake, automatic transmission, keyless entry, steering single-linked active indicators and other exciting features like infotainment, navigation, and a touch-enabled centre stack. It boasts of an occupant cooling mechanism to replace cabin cooling thereby, reducing power consumption with intelligent occupant location and temperature sensors. Additionally, its distributed HVAC system relieves cabin space and the B-pillar less configuration allows easy entry and exit. With technology at its best, the car has been endowed with thrilling electronics like rear projected touch centre stack, rear projected instrument cluster, integrated co-driver display, centre display & control and instrumental cluster.

Other unique features of the ConnectNext Concept accrue to –

- iPod classic inspired click wheel driver /co driver centre arm control

- Heads-up display augmented navigation with driver warning and guidance display

- Transparent inner rear view screen with panoramic obscuration free video streaming and inner rear view screen which transforms into augmented parking screen when reverse gear is engaged

- Integrated screens at the back seat for passengers seated in the 2nd row with wireless headphones

Lastly, resonating with its name, this concept car will offer cloud connectivity to facilitate seamless home-to-car and car-to-home connectivity for the passengers seated at the rear, combined with video conference facilities, internal wireless hub to facilitate customised music, video streaming and access to cloud services.