The ISIS (Innovation and Systems Integration by Siemens) concept car will showcase new technologies to be in production over the next three years. ISIS reflects integration ranging from new powertrain concepts to body, chassis and passenger restraints.

Siemens Automotive has unveiled the Isis concept car at the SAE International Congress & Exposition, featuring 20 of the company's current technologies. The car features ProdMod, an electronic transmission control module based on 'mechatronics', technology which combines mechanical and electronic controls in a single unit. All actuators, sensors and electronic control boards are embedded in the transmission to cut down on space usage and cost. The Isis also features a modular engine intake which includes variable-length plastic intake plenum, electronic throttle body, an electronic engine control unit and air-flow sensors in one unit. The Isis also features a variable-rate airbag inflator including two propellant charges of differing length, and a keyless vehicle system.