Lightweight construction, through and through The name of the four-seater Opel G90 (debut: Frankfurt Motor Show 1999) was chosen because the CO2 emission from the 60 hp three-cylinder gasoline engine is a mere 90 g per km. This represents an MVEG standard consumption of 3.88 l per 100 km. This amazing performance was made possible by the use of lightweight materials throughout, and by the extremely low drag coefficient for a vehicle of this size, namely 0.22. At the same time, the contours of the G90 give an insight into Opel's future body language. It also treads new paths in interior design.

source: Opel

Engine & performance:

Type: V3

Capacity: 1000 cc

Power: 59 hp

Top speed: 180 km/h

0-100 km/h: 14 s


Weight: 750 kg