A research concept based on the mechanicals of the sedan which was, at that time, the fastest one all over the world, the Opel Lotus Omega. The intention in this study was to give homage to the Pininfarina collaboration with General Motors, while realising an extreme convertible able to match outstanding performances to styling distinction.

source: Pininfarina

Pininfarina's intention in this design study was to give hommage and concrete evidence to the Company's collaboration with GM, while realizing an extreme convertible able to match outstanding performance to equivalent styling distinction: a proposal in line with the tradition of Pininfarina sports cars, the typical feature of which have always topped out the ranges of high volume producers.

source: Pininfarina

Engine & performance:

Position: front

Type: Opel Lotus Omega, 6-cylinder, twin-turbo

Capacity: 3615 cc

Power: 337 hp @ 5200 rpm

Torque: 568 Nm @ 4200 rpm

Drive: RWD


Length: 4320 mm

Width: 1880 mm

Height: 1250 mm

Wheelbase: 2450 mm